Why Do I Get Sick All the Time? By Michelle Tuffs

Doesn’t it seem like some people are a little sickly with a bit of somethin’ every time you see them?
At 21, my son still survives on the same diet he loved in middle school! He’s added a few things here and there but for the most part still the same. And as a growing man so needing a diet well rounded with vitamins and minerals, he is sick more often than he should be.

Even those with the best of diets can be affected by other factors like stress, environment, and a weakened immune system. So what’s the answer? A good beginning… plant an herb garden! Boosting your system with powerful herbs like garlic, astragalus, ginger, and holy basil can combat stress and assist in bringing balance back to your body. Having herbs on hand to add to soups and sides can be an easy way to get more without having to buy a bigger pill box!

Adrenal Fatigue may be a considerable factor in why you get sick all the time! Rehabilitate your adrenals by eating nutrient-dense foods, jump start your hormones with oysters, grass-fed beef and organic turkey. That good ole Thanksgiving food coma can actually help with stress!

Good fats like avocados, add coconut milk kefir for a dose of good bacteria, coconut oil can help to regulate blood pressure and improve your gut health. Wild caught fish for hormone health and inflammation and by all means sip on herbal tea during the day!

Whether you’re making small changes or going all in with an entirely new diet plan, you will quickly begin to see the benefits of your decision! Your body will thank you for it. Energy, sleep and overall health are all incredible motivators, and of course, our staff at Nutritionally Yours is always here when you need us!

We are here to help educate you on a healthy diet plan, test cortisol / stress levels and much more!

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