What Reasons Am I Not Losing Weight? By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

Why does losing weight have to be such a struggle for so many people? The reasons are different for everyone! Here is a list of items we check for when patients come in and ask us to find what reasons they are not losing weight. And we DO!

*Hypothyroid (thyroid is NOT just about TSH, do not forget T3, Free T4. Free T4 and your thyroid antibodies.
*Pituitary – sometimes we need to check for human growth hormone function and IGF-1
*Adrenal stress – YES that nasty word “stress” can increase cortisol and thus will be one reason someone is not losing weight
*low hormones – blood tests just tell you which hormones are in the blood, but they do NOT tell you which hormones are stuck in the tissues and thus leading to the reason you are not losing weight.
*high leptin – I always say I really do not like this hormone. It has been one of the main reasons people are not losing the weight they need to. BUT I know what to do to improve leptin levels, that part is easy!
*Lack of exercise – yes we all need to get moving but at our own pace. Some people can go to the gym and run for 1 full hour, and others can barely make it around the gym machines for 20 minutes. Finding YOUR best exercise routine can help. Once in a while, we see someone who has perfect labs, but when they get to the gym, they lose weight quickly.
*Toxins – YES those daily toxins that we breathe into our bodies can contribute to someone not losing weight. Toxins get stuck in fat cells, so the more toxins, the more weight someone may have.
*Poor diet – sorry but yes – you are what you eat. We will show you healthier ways to eat and teach you how to enjoy the food you are eating. Everyone needs a cheat day, we understand that, but you need to learn WHAT You can cheat on that will not prevent weight loss.

Nutritionally Yours understands what reasons you are not losing weight. But what works for one person may not work for another. The idea is to get tested and learn more about YOU, so weight loss comes easier for you. Please don’t’ be scared to try, it is scarier not to try!

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