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Studies show that about one-third of American’s are infected with an intestinal parasite at any given moment. Generally speaking, your immune system is able to either clear the parasite from your body or keep it in check, but sometimes they can get the better of us. There are two main types of intestinal parasites: helminths and protozoa. Protozoa are single cell organisms that can multiply inside the body, causing serious complications. Helminths are your generic worms (tapeworms, pin-worms, roundworms, hookworm) that are multi-celled and reproduce via eggs.

Stomach Parasites can live inside a person for years with or without causing symptoms. Sometimes a person starts having a health struggle and they have no idea the root cause is a parasite. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to get stomach parasites from sources other than underdeveloped countries. Common methods of contracting a parasite include poor food or water sanitation, international travel, poor hygiene, having a weakened immune system, and even via the bottom of your foot. It really is not difficult to get a parasite and anyone can get one. Even not washing fruit and vegetables properly, under-cooked meat (chicken, turkey, beef, fish or pork) and enjoying raw sushi even though you eat plenty of ginger can lead to a parasite infestation. The way that parasites affect our body is by stealing nutrients we need to survive and thrive during the digestive process. This most commonly presents itself with digestive issues, or a general sensation of not feeling full after eating. In some cases, parasites can also lead to anemia due to malnutrition. People with parasites may have some other symptoms they may not seem to be from a parasite. These symptoms include: insomnia, fatigue, apathy, depression, skin irritations, acne, hair loss, rashes, eczema, and muscle pain. Even though parasites live in our intestines primarily, they can release toxins into the bloodstream which affects these other areas of the body.

When I about what are stomach parasites and what can they do to a person’s health, I think of two clients I have seen and helped over the years. One was a health minded 30 year old female that went to her sister in laws house for a few days and enjoyed blueberries that were grown on her land. Her sister in law gave her a bag of frozen blueberries to enjoy at home. She forgot to wash them and started to eat them. Soon after she had diarrhea pretty bad for a day. Over the weeks she felt hungry all the time and started to gain weight. This hunger and weight gain happened for about 6 months. She came in to see us at Nutritionally Yours and we did stool testing that identified TWO parasites. She was properly treated by our MD on staff and immediately felt better. (Sometimes natural support is fine, but other times our MD steps in with medication)
The second case was a lady with terrible cystic acne. She had a totally clean diet and was healthy otherwise. We did food intolerance testing and stool testing. She had ZERO food intolerances and ONE nasty parasite which showed up in the stool test. We gave her an herbal supportive product and her acne went away.

At Nutritionally Yours, we understand GI challenges including stomach parasite concerns. We believe in getting to the root cause of symptoms and then put people on an easy plan to overcome any health challenge and get on with living and enjoying their life. We can run comprehensive stool tests via Doctors’ Data lab or Genova Diagnostics for those who think they might have a stomach parasite. Our tests are more accurate than simpler conventional tests, and they look for a broader spectrum of potential issues.

Hundreds of clients from the Atlanta, GA area and around the world work with Nutritionally Yours . Local people wanting answers can call us for an in office appointment. People living a distance away can call to schedule a phone appointment or simply order a stool test kit. For more information on stool testing kits see . When you order a test kit from us we mail it to you right away. After the collection you mail the test kit with samples to our lab, at no charge. Results are emailed or mailed to you 2 weeks later with a clear plan to help you feel your best.



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Medical disclaimer: Testing cannot be used to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. All test results are to be used as educational materials and a guide to help support your overall health and wellness. Always discuss concerns with your medical doctor. Always review stool test results with your primary care doctor.


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Alane Palmer, Naturopath, CNC