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I was in trouble and at the end of my rope. My doctors have prescribed 25 medications for me and I was overweight and constantly in pain. It was so difficult to stay positive because after visiting doctor after doctor there didn’t seem to be a solution. Several of my medications caused the weight gain and I was developing even more health problems. This was the third year of being overweight and having pain all of the time. After some discussion with my husband, we decided to try the natural route. He did some research and found Nutritionally Yours and their weight loss meal plan. 

We immediately setup an appointment with Alane. She was sincerely concerned and thought she could help me. To date, I have lost over 70 pounds and almost reached my goal weight. Most of my medical problems are under control and I was able to reduce the number of medications that I was taking.

I highly recommend Nutritionally Yours, her weight loss programs work!  The staff is so helpful and they are always available for any help that you may need. Don’t do like I did and see medical doctor after medical doctor when you could be so much better in less than 6 months. Nutritionally Yours was the answer for me and I hope that you will give it a try.  — Kay L.

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Rose P. Atlanta, GA: Weight Loss Meal Plan Works and No More Stomach Pains

Since being on this new weight loss meal plan, I have lost 21 pounds, and I don’t have any more mysterious pains, or stomach problems! How amazing that changing what I ate had that much of impact on my body. Thanks so much for what you have done for my husband and me!

Joan L. Roswell, GA: Searched Many Weight Loss Programs, This One Worked & Have Improved Energy! For years I have been adding pounds slowly and feeling progressively worse and worse. I have suffered with many food allergies that made dieting extremely difficult. I finally got fed up with being obese. I sought help from Nutritionally Yours and they found a weight loss plan that I could tolerate despite my allergies and I have finally started to lose weight! I have lost almost 20 pounds and went from a size 16 to a size 12. Now the 12s are getting loose too! All this and I have not experienced any hunger while shedding the pounds. I also have more energy than ever before!! I have started exercising and hiking which I have never been capable of before in my life. Life is becoming enjoyable and rewarding again. Thank you!

Mariya, Atlanta, GA: I lost 20 pounds! I had pure dissatisfaction with my appearance and myself. I was gaining weight and didn’t know how to stop it or even control it for that matter. I visited Nutritionally Yours as a last resort and soon realized that this should’ve been my initial choice since that would have saved me from the numerous fad diets, diet pills etc. I feel so much better about myself now, I have always been a very confident person and I lost that for a little bit but since I was able to lose 20lbs. I feel like myself now. We are looking forward to starting a family now, and I know that I am more aware of things I put into my body and my family and I will be able to lead a healthy lifestyle and of course, have to lose the baby weight.

So, take it from me and at least give it a try one of their weight loss programs, and you will see the results!

Randy loses 16 pounds in 28 days! After years of antibiotics in an attempt to cure my monthly sinus infections, it was necessary to cleanse my system before anything else could be accomplished. So I started my 28 day detox with a little hesitation as I had never participated in anything like that before. A normal day consisted of three healthy meals and two snacks and not one time did I ever feel hungry or deprived. At the end of the 28 days, I had lost 16 pounds, 4% body fat and my sinus infections were gone! It was recommended that I have blood drawn for food allergies and it was determined that I had severe allergies to two foods. Removing these items from my diet will insure my sinus infections will stay far away. Thank you!

Diane P., Atlanta, GA: 30 pounds lost & health improves! Along with dropping 30 pounds, my total cholesterol is down from 213 to 185! Triglycerides are also down from 104 to 92, bad cholesterol went from 133 to 111, and my blood glucose is down from 92 to 79!

Atlanta, GA 22 year old female drops 10 pounds her first month! I decided I needed a serious weight loss program when I weighed myself and saw 220 pounds. After 30 days I have dropped 10 pounds. I am continuing to use this program because it works.

Mauricio Aguero: I dropped 10 pounds in 30 days! My first weigh in was at 185 pounds and 32% body fat. After 30 days on the program I weighed in at 175 pounds and 29% body fat!! I have more energy, am sleeping better and I just feel better!

Denise G.: Skin dramatically heals and weight loss finally achieved! Before a close friend recommended me to Nutritionally Yours, I felt hopeless and lost. I had been battling a serious skin condition and major weight gain for almost two years. I thought I would never become healed or ever find out what was wrong with me. After just one visit with Alane I felt there was light on my darkness. I felt like she knew exactly what needed to be done with everything I had been dealing with. Within 2 months, I was for the first time in two years, healing. My skin cleared up dramatically, and I had success with weight loss. Alane gave me what I needed to get my health back, and for this I will always be grateful for her.

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