By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Maria Cummings

You could be eating healthy and still not losing weight, and that is just frustrating- I know! So, if this is the same case for you, then you get a gold star! I mean it, you did the right thing by choosing healthy foods, but… you could be doing more to see better results. The problem is that the “healthy foods” that you are eating could be causing inflammation which leads to weight gain or be inhibiting your weight loss! YES! Even a health diet of lean meats, organic fruits and vegetables, brown rice, quinoa and low in sugar can still inhibit weight loss! There is HOPE!

The issue at hand is that most people are unaware of the foods that do not agree with their body’s digestive system. There are two ways to get around that; one is in the process of eliminating the most common food allergens like eggs, dairy, nuts, corn, soy, yeast, and gluten. This process could take about three weeks to figure out which foods are sabotaging weight loss efforts. The other process is by performing a food intolerance test which includes gluten. I like the testing better because it is more comprehensive and will identify more foods that are not commonly known, but are specific to YOU! Some of these foods tested are fruits, nuts, beans and legumes, beverages, vegetables, poultry, fish and meat. There are 184 of these foods (IgG) that can be tested for delayed reactions and 25 immediate reactions (IgE). Delayed reactions are the symptoms that can occur hours or days later causing symptoms that range from fatigue to stomach issues. That is why losing weight could be the simple answer of “A lean gut is a healthy gut!”If your gut is more bloated than you like, it could be inflammation which can lead to autoimmune disorders, and that can turn into a vicious cycle!

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