By Alane Palmer, Ntired all of the timeD, CNC and Maria Cummings

Tired of feeling tired…all of the time? Being tired all of the time can make life super miserable, especially when just getting yourself  up and out of the bed is a struggle! To make matters worse, when struggling with fatigue, you may feel judged by people around you. You know… as IF everyone around you thinks that you are lazy or unmotivated when the truth is that you are drained of energy.

We understand that sometimes no amount of sleep will make you feel rested or refreshed. The good news is that you do not have to continue struggling with low energy levels because there is HOPE!

Reasons Why You Are Tired All Of The Time

There are several conditions that are linked to the feeling of extreme fatigue. One is when a person is constantly in a state of stress, preventing the body from responding correctly thus leading to a condition called Adrenal Fatigue.  Adrenal Fatigue will occur when the adrenal glands are over-stressed and fatigued which causes a depletion of normal cortisol levels from the body.

A thyroid that is not functioning properly is another reason that there may be extreme fatigue. The reason the thyroid can be so difficult to diagnose is that in most cases the TSH levels read as “borderline” and the Total and Free T3 and T4 levels are not checked and neither are thyroid antibodies. Medication is not necessarily needed if the levels are borderline but a supportive supplement may be very helpful in those cases.

It is very common for people who have an adrenal fatigue or a thyroid condition to feel frustrated because their blood work says that they are within normal ranges but they do not feel “normal”.

Nutrients can also be a factor in the fatigue struggle which can also open a whole bunch of other doors relating to gut heath. If you have poor gut health chances are that you are not able to fully absorb nutrients which can have you feeling drained of energy all of the time too.

What To Do When You Are Tired All Of The Time?

There are steps to take to help gain your energy back. Relating to adrenal fatigue, try to do relaxing things that you enjoy. For overall health but especially thyroid and gut health, nutrition is vital. Certain foods can either support or destroy your gut and thyroid health, especially if you have food sensitivities. We almost always recommend food intolerance testing and we see tremendous results when the daily diet is adjusted based on test results. Getting exercise in will help, (I know what you are thinking, “I am too tired to exercise!”) but trust me, even if you start off by walking a few minutes a day, you will most likely get good-quality rest/sleep. Plus exercise will help release stress especially for anyone who is suffering from adrenal fatigue.

These are just a few steps to try but if you need further help and your labs keep coming back as “normal,” please make an appointment with our office. If you live outside of the Metro- Atlanta area, we offer phone appointments too! At Nutritionally Yours we have high-quality comprehensive testing that will get to the root of whatever is causing Your Fatigue!

Want to discover what is causing Your Fatigue? Need more suggestions for boosting Your energy levels? Contact our office today!

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