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If you are suffering from a thyroid disorder and want natural thyroid support, you found it! 

Alane understands how to properly test your thyroid function and balance your thyroid so it works right to get you the health-improving results you want. 

 Alane and our team are specialists in Thyroid Atlanta, alternative medicine / integrative / functional nutrition, and health and wellness. 

What Foods Heal Your Thyroid Atlanta?

Here is a list of thyroid superfoods to help heal your thyroid gland. 

  • Roasted Sesame

  • Seaweed, kelp, nori, wakame

  • Salted Nuts 

  • Baked Fish

  • Dairy

  • Fresh Pasture Raised Eggs

Alane will teach you the best thyroid diet to help you reach your health and weight loss goals fast. 

How to Lose 20 Pounds With Hypothyroidism Atlanta. 

Losing 20 pounds with hypothyroidism may seem impossible, but with our comprehensive approach that includes food intolerance testing and metabolic testing, achieving your weight loss goals is possible. Exploring personalized strategies tailored to your unique needs can help optimize your weight loss journey while considering the impact of hypothyroidism on your metabolism.

Losing 20 pounds with hypothyroidism requires an individualized, comprehensive, and holistic approach considering the impact on your metabolism and potential food intolerances. Firstly, it’s essential to identify and address any food intolerances contributing to inflammation, weight gain, or digestive issues.

Additionally, understanding your metabolic rate through comprehensive thyroid and metabolic testing can provide valuable insights into how your body processes and utilizes the food you eat. This information can guide you in choosing the best foods to effectively support your weight loss efforts.

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How Can I Make My Thyroid Healthy Again?  

Promoting a healthy thyroid is essential for weight loss and overall health. If you’re seeking guidance on supporting thyroid health, consider exploring this list of recommendations to help you make informed choices and implement positive changes.

  • Get comprehensive thyroid function testing 

  • Stick to a healthy thyroid diet 

  • Find ways to reduce stress

  • Maintain a healthy body weight 

  • Limit Cruciferous Vegetables 

  • Make sure your adrenal glands are working optimally

Alane Wincek, ND, CNC and Nutritionally Yours Offers Comprehensive Thyroid Testing and Support for People in the Atlanta, Ga area.

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