By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

PsoriasisPsoriasis can be an unsightly looking skin disorder but the truth about psoriasis is there’s really more to it than what you see. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that results in an over production of skin cells. This happens because a person’s immune system tries to fight against an infection but the antibodies attack the normal cells and cause inflammation. Because it’s such a visible disorder on the skin it can make a person who has psoriasis feel very self conscious and it can affect their self esteem. Symptoms are not only on the skin but could also result in ridged, pitted and thickened nails or stiffened or swollen joints too.

So, how does someone get Psoriasis and how do you get rid of it? Anyone who has a family history with psoriasis or auto immunity has an increased risk of developing the condition. There is no medical cure for psoriasis but you can avoid triggers and calm the auto immune activity. Because everyone is different, one person may have different triggers than others with psoriasis.

The most common triggers to avoid itchy, painful skin are:
*Too much sun can cause a flare up, moderate sun may give relief
*Stress is almost always hand in hand with a flare up
*Alcoholic beverages
*Cold weather, try a humidifier for moisture
*Food intolerance’s
*Pathogens or Gut Bacteria Imbalance
*Vitamin / Mineral Deficiencies

YES! Diet can cause triggers for Psoriasis especially if the person has immediate or delayed food reactions. This could be a trial and error for each individual since everybody reacts differently to certain foods. However, there are some foods that have been commonly known to set off triggers with people who suffer from autoimmune diseases. According to National Psoriasis Foundation these are a few of the foods you may want to avoid: fatty foods, citrus fruit, whole milk and gluten.
The truth about psoriasis is that there is no known cure but there are ways to manage it by learning more about auto immunity and avoiding YOUR personal triggers.

Want to learn more about what food that is right for YOU? If you have Psoriasis and want to know more about how your diet could be affecting you contact our office today!

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