by Alane Archer, ND, CNC /

When people read our website, many terms are listed to let them know we are not simply a “nutrition” clinic. Nutritionally Yours is much more! For example, you will find the words “integrative medicine” on our website. So what is Integrative medicine and how does it differ from Functional Medicine?

Integrative Medicine looks at the patient as a “whole” being, not just a symptom or a disease. For example, what is a woman came into our clinic and said she is suffering from fatigue and mood swings? We will most likely provide her with a supplement to help balance out her moods and boost her energy, but there is more. We may discuss the diet to see if food choices may be contributing to her symptoms. We may discuss relationships and activities to see how her personal life may be contributing to her symptoms too. Fatigue is the “symptom” but there are many factors to think about and support to improve someone’s energy, so it returns and stays at a healthy level.

The other term is called, Functional Medicine and what is the difference? Functional Medicine is important. And we are a clinic that uses functional medicine every single day. Without it, we would not be as successful and our patients would not get the answers they need. Simply stated, “functional medicine” is all about getting to the bottom of things. Let’s use a woman with fatigue again as an example. With functional medicine, we want to get to the root cause of her fatigue. So, we will most likely run comprehensive blood work to check for red flags as I like to call them. We will do a comprehensive analysis of the thyroid gland, hormones, energy markers, detox markers, some vitamins and minerals and maybe food intolerances. Many times it is simple. For example, if homocysteine is high, this is a red flag to b12 and folate being low and needing support. They both help provide the body with a good mood and energy. If TSH is high and Free T3 is low it is an indicator that her T4 to T3 conversion is not working correctly and she is having hypothyroid symptoms causing the fatigue.

Utilizing Functional Medicine techniques we will provide each patient with a comprehensive analysis of their blood work so they understand their body better and what it needs. Plus they receive a print out of a personalized protocol to help them recover from their symptoms or illness.

Please consider booking an appointment at Nutritionally Yours so we can help you achieve better health and wellness.


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