By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Maria Cummings
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Sometimes your hormones can pull a number on you at the doctor’s office making you feel kind of misunderstood. This happens because hormones can be tricky when it comes to the ordinary blood work making it tough to detect a problem because it only screens for the levels that are present in the tissues. Just because the blood hormones show that they are present does not necessarily mean that the hormones are working properly for you. The truth is that if your hormones are not balanced, they will affect the way you feel. You may be feeling a bit upside down or have mood swings and your health, weight, appearance and your daily performances can be affected.

There are many signs and symptoms that your sex hormones are out of balance regardless of what your blood work says. Here are several symptoms of a sex hormone imbalance.
Brain fog
Facial hair growth
Food cravings
Hair loss
Hot flashes
Low libido
Mood swings

Here are some symptoms that your thyroid hormones are out of balance.
brain fog
hair loss
low libido
weight gain
heart palpitations
anxiety and irritability

Here are some symptoms that your adrenal hormones may be out of balance.
Chronic Fatigue
brain fog
memory loss
sore throat
frequent illnesses

All of your sex hormones, thyroid hormones and adrenal hormones need to be in balance so YOU feel balanced and able to enjoy your life! Many times we see people on our clinic that have had the traditional blood tests run and they are told that all is well and they do not feel like all is well. Sometimes regular blood work does not always catch a true, underlying hormonal imbalance? At our clinic we run extremely comprehensive blood work and saliva testing that will not miss a hormone, thyroid or adrenal imbalance!

We totally get it when someone says that he or she does not feel like his or her usual self. We understand that hormones can drive anyone a little bit crazy. Besides understanding, we know how to help our patients when it comes to dealing with hormones.

Give our office a call for an appointment. Let us help you get back to feeling like You!

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