Ultrasound Slimming Therapy in Roswell, GA

Ultrasound Slimming Therapy Roswell, GA | Nutritionally YoursOur slimming device uses advanced technology to promote optimal body health and burning away stubborn fat and cellulite.

Radio Frequency therapy and Cavitation ultrasound therapy combined together with LED Red and Blue light creates the most successful results in body slimming and skin tightening.

*Stimulates collagen production

*Reconditions the skin from within for a more youthful look

*Get rid of fat cells

*Suitable for ALL types of skin, can be used on the face, neck & the body

*Improves skin nutrition

*Improve circulation

*Supports skin tightening

     Improve Skin Nutrition                                                Enhance Skin Vitality

Ultrasound Slimming Therapy Roswell, GA | Nutritionally Yours

Recommended to use for face, neck, chest, arms,

tummy, hips, inner thighs and legs.

Non- surgical and Non-Invasive slimming device,

clinically proven 100% safe, non- toxic and dermatologist recommended.



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A woman after our slimming therapy in Alpharetta, GA

For Best Results:

Schedule 3x week for 30 days then 1x week for 4 weeks and then 1x month

Schedule an appointment with our clinician to make sure your metabolism is working FOR you and not AGAINST you!

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