BLUE LIGHT LED THERAPYblue light skincare therapy

At Nutritionally Yours, we only use an LED blue light device that is is safe and effective for skincare. Our device helps your skin to look clearer, younger and even-toned. The blue light therapy and topical heat eliminates bacteria under the skin, clears inflammation, heals sebaceous glands and close the pores, which reveals a smoother healthier complexion overall.

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The red light LED therapy penetrates deep into the skin, supporting the epidermis, dermis and even the hypodermis, which is the deepest layer. The red light can stimulate collagen production so you have healthier, younger-looking skin. The LED light has proven skin benefits! By stimulating the circulation in the area, it increases nutrients to feed your cells, lowers melanin, age, and dark spots. The LED light increases the cells, collagen fibers and elastin to tighten your skin.

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3D RF (radio frequency) Ultrasound Slimming Therapy for Weight Loss & More!

Our slimming device uses advanced technology to promote optimal body health, and burning away stubborn fat, and cellulite.

Radio Frequency therapy and Cavitation ultrasound therapy combined together with LED Red and Blue light creates the most successful results in body slimming and skin tightening.

*Stimulates collagen production

*Reconditions the skin from within for a more youthful look

*Get rid of fat cells

*Suitable for ALL types of skin, can be used on the face, neck & the body

*Improves skin nutrition

*Improve circulation

*Supports skin tightening

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