By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Michelle Tuffs

Ok, those of us who think we tolerate every food we eat, our stomachs are like a tank and we never ever have tummy troubles raise your hand…said no one ever! Even the best of diets can send your day into a twist sometimes because maybe what you think is terrific and healthy doesn’t necessarily share those feelings for you!

So precisely what causes food intolerance and are YOU at risk for them? If your parents have food intolerances and know they must steer clear of Aunt Edna’s squash casserole at Thanksgiving the same may be true for you. It’s likely if your parents have food sensitivities you will also. Food Intolerance, unlike allergic reactions to certain foods usually happens gradually. They may only occur when you eat a particular food, but food intolerance is not life-threatening.

If you are at risk for food intolerance you may begin to notice certain foods irritate your stomach or your body can’t digest it, and you may suffer from gas, cramps, bloating, heartburn, headaches, irritability, insomnia, and nervousness. One of the most common food intolerances is lactose. This happens when we can’t digest lactose, the sugar in milk and dairy. Food additives and gluten are also triggers for many people.

One straightforward way to make sense of your reactions to certain foods and understand if you are at risk for food intolerance is to keep a daily diary of the foods you eat and how you react to them. Eliminating things from your diet one at a time may help you notice a significant change in how you feel. Perhaps gluten is your enemy? Try two weeks being gluten-free and look back over your food diary. Did you have a great two weeks? Or you still suffer from the same symptoms? Move on to dairy and especially foods that are a major part of your diet. Writing these down will allow you to notice things you may otherwise not even know about your diet!

Between elimination and food intolerance testing you will definitely be feeling better in no time! At Nutritionally Yours we can help you on your journey to find the foods in your diet that are keeping you from being 100%!

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