Nutritionally Yours’ body restoration healing spa uses detox spa methods to rid your body of anything that shouldn’t be there. We then use red and blue light therapies to help increase your natural immunity, reduce inflammation and give your skin that healthy glow. We want to detox Atlanta and the surrounding areas to help our clients feel their very best. Schedule an appointment with our body restoration spa today!

Come in, relax, take a nap while you detox and have some quality ‘me time’ in our body restoration healing spa. Our staff will pamper you from the time you walk in the door so you leave feeling like a new, relaxed and rejuvenated person.

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Nutritionally Yours wants you to be the healthiest version of YOU. We offer restorative and detox therapies to help get your body back to the way nature intended.

We offer different therapies for detox and rejuvenation:

Far Infrared Sauna is great for heavy metal toxicity, autoimmunity, chemical toxicity, pain, fatigue, brain fog, circulation far infared sauna | Body Restoration Healing Spa | Detox Spa | Detox Atlanta | Nutritionally Yoursissues, weight loss, anti-aging, helps improve metabolism, improve your energy, beautify your body and more! Our far infrared sauna generates between 95%-99% safe and absorbable far infrared light. We can also pump ozonated air into the Far Infrared Sauna for DOUBLE the benefits! A great way to detox and get healthy!

You can enjoy the ozone alone or in combination with the Far Infrared Sauna. Our OXYOZ Ozone Generator pumps ozonated air to help support immune health, detox, rid mold, bacteria, and fungus, improve energy and much more!

hyperbaric oxygen therapy | Body Restoration Healing Spa | Detox Spa | Detox Atlanta | Nutritionally YoursHyperbaric Oxygen Therapy delivers oxygen to tissues up to 25 times normal levels. This stimulates the production of body stem cells, decreases swelling and inflammation, promotes regeneration of injured tissues and increases healing rates.

Treat your body to an experience that will completely RELAX, RENEW and REVITALIZE your body and spirit. Let us help you make a HEALTHIER YOU! Book your next spa appointment with us right here and FEEL the difference!

Treat Yourself To A Little “Me-Time”!restorative therapies

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Nutritionally Yours is located just North of Atlanta, Ga in Roswell.
1001 Macy Drive, Roswell, GA 30076




Far Infrared Sauna and Ozone Fees:


Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Fees:
1 session – $75
5 sessions – $300  (paid up front)
10 sessions – $600 (paid up front)

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