How To Protect From Lyme Disease This SummerBy Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Michelle Tuffs

This summer is LYME TIME! Learning how to protect yourself from Lyme disease this summer could make all the difference. There are ways to prepare for spending time in the great outdoors, camping or just spending the day in wooded or grassy areas, even in your backyard. First off, dress in lighter colored clothing so ticks may be easily seen. COVER UP! Wear long pants tucked into your boots, long-sleeved shirts, a hat and boots instead of open-toed shoes will help protect your bare skin from immediately being in harm’s way. You can purchase naturally pre treated tic repellent clothes from They make hats, socks, pants, shirts and even jackets.

Don’t assume you’re immune! You can get Lyme disease more than once! Lyme disease is caused by four species of the bacteria Borrelia. The most common tick-borne illness in these regions is transmitted by the bite of an infected black-legged tick, commonly known as the deer tick. Therefore if you spend time in grassy or heavily wooded areas where ticks thrive take precautions seriously. Another way to protect from Lyme Disease this summer is clearing your yard and grassy areas of old leaves and debris where your family, especially children, may spend the most time outdoors. Keeping woodpiles in a sunny area is helpful too.

If you have a dog, keep a close eye of the for flees and tics. Our cute pets can bring one of those Lyme tics right into the house. Pets can get Lyme too so take care of them also.

Prevention is key and taking a few precautions could help protect you and your family from Lyme Disease. However, if you do find a tick attached to your skin remove it as soon as possible with tweezers. You’ll want to grasp the tick near its head or mouth without squeezing or crushing the tick. Pull carefully and steadily, once removed dispose of the tick and clean the area on your skin with antiseptic and don’t panic! Not every tic has Lyme.

If you feel you may have Lyme Disease Nutritionally Yours is a very Lyme Literate Clinic! We can help you understand what Lyme Disease is and we can test you to make sure you are ok. We have natural Lyme / immune supports available plus our MD on staff can provide antibiotics if necessary. Addressing Lyme Disease symptoms as soon as possible is key to making a full recovery.

Our staff at Nutritionally Yours is here to help! We understand health and healing and what it takes to rid the body of Lyme.

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