By Alane Stieglitz, ND, CNC

lyme disease testing

The Importance of Comprehensive Lyme Disease Testing. 

If you suspect that you got a tick bite and want to have a Lyme Disease blood test, my experience has been that it needs to include all of the Lyme infections. The best way to talk about lab tests for Lyme is to take you through my journey.

In the 1980s, little was known about Lyme, and blood testing was not typically run for Lyme like it is now. After five long years of searching for answers, I had positive test results from an antibody test run by a doctor in Denville, NJ. He listened to my symptoms and said he thought he knew what was wrong, even during my very first office visit.

I will never forget that phone call! He called me on July 4th to tell me the test is positive for Lyme. It was able to detect antibodies for Lyme, which meant I got bit by a tick that was causing my symptoms. I thought back over the last five years and remembered precisely when I got bit and remembered the bull’s eye rash on my right leg.

I felt so happy to know what was wrong. Unfortunately, the next step was a bit baffling. I went to an infectious disease doctor in NJ, and he ran a Western Blot test. The laboratory testing results showed four positive bands, and he said I needed five for a precise diagnosis, but he would treat it anyway. It took me a while to understand that I needed five bands of IGG antibodies or two bands of IgM antibodies for what is considered a CDC positive result. But he knew I had Lyme, and I am grateful for him.

After years of research and trying to get better through natural methods plus some antibiotics here and there, I got my certification degrees and started a practice with an MD to help others who were ill gain their lives back like I did. I learned a lot about Lyme Disease testing from ILADS training every year. They explained an antibody test, a Western blot test, and how to test for all co-infections.

We use in-network labs for regular blood testing, including a Western Blot. But since our clinic does not want to miss anything, we also do comprehensive Lyme and co-infection testing. If a test is positive, we utilize natural remedies, dietary supports, and we refer you to our MD on staff to see if medication is needed.

I can personally say that after having Lyme for many years, it wasn’t until I did complete Lyme co-infection panel testing that I was able to know precisely which infections were causing my symptoms and how to get better.

If you are dealing with possible Lyme symptoms and want Lyme disease testing, please make an appointment to help you get the answers you need to feel better.

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