By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

proper lyme disease testing | How To Do Proper Lyme Disease Testing | Nutritionally YoursMay is Lyme Disease awareness month, so this week I would like to talk about proper ways to test for Lyme Disease, so it is not missed. I will take you on my personal journey with Lyme Disease testing to give you an example of how proper testing is necessary.

In the 1980s Lyme Disease was not known as much as it is known about now. It all started with a positive Elisa test to get the Lyme Disease Diagnosed after five long years of no answers. The symptoms were pretty much unbearable. They consisted of full-body pain, feet burning, hands going numb, brain fog, leg weakness, and exhausting fatigue. By the time I went to an infectious disease doctor they had run the proper Lyme Disease Testing which was a traditional western blot. But many people that understand Lyme and Lyme Disease Testing will realize that 5 years into the disease I only had 3 positive IGG bands, not the 5 bands that create a legal positive. Thank goodness the doctor understood the western blot and treated me for six weeks on antibiotics. (that is all he could do at the time).

The few weeks of antibiotics helped, but not enough, so I had to take matters into my own hands and learn natural remedies to boost my immune system to fight the disease to get me better.

Years later, after many ILADS Lyme Disease classes where I learned natural treatments to help the immune system fight this awful disease, I learned how to test for Lyme Disease properly, and I work with an excellent medical doctor that treats people with antibiotics as needed. I learned so much when I ran Armin Labs Lyme Disease Testing on myself. It really opened my eyes to the right way to test. Armin labs show 3 things to help provide information to the patient.
1) Elispot or T Cells – is the infection, and which one(s) active in the immune system? If an infection shows up here the person needs treatment. At our clinic, we know which herbs to use to support the immune system, and our MD follows Dr. Horowitz’s protocols regarding medication.
2) IGM – indicates a recent and / or active infection
3) IGG – indicates the infection has been there for a while (this can mean years) and it is most likely dormant, but the symptoms need to be treated and supported correctly.

What I really like about Armin Labs is that it does not miss any of the co-infections like Babesia, Bartonella, Ehrlichia, Mycoplasma, etc, etc.

My personal Armin Labs Lyme Test showed several co-infections positive in IGG, so I know which ones I had back in the 1980s and zero positive in IGM and Elispot, so nothing is active. All of the natural remedies I have used over the years worked, and the infection is dormant.

Lyme Disease can be unbearable BUT there is hope, and we have the knowledge and experience to help you and your immune system fight it to get you living your life again.

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