Can a Nutritionist Really Help Me Lose Weight?By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Michelle Tuffs

A Nutritionist is trained to guide you to obtain your weight loss goals.

With that said, Buckle up Buttercup! My first advice would be this: Leave your attitude at the door, at least the negative. All the excuses, the “why’s”, and take responsibility! I entirely blog this in a loving voice; however, I mean it!

Making a choice to seek out a professional Nutritionist who can really help you lose weight and improve your life, stamina and overall health is a wonderful choice! Use it wisely!
Be honest and make the changes, in other words, do the work! When you return for a follow-up weight check, and you’ve lost weight…CONGRATULATIONS! You’re on the right track!
If you gained weight or your weight remained the same, take a look at your food journal with your Nutritionist and dig deep! There will be an answer there.

Make sure to run comprehensive blood-work, which we can do for you! Let’s make sure your metabolism if working FOR you and not AGAINST you!. We check thyroid, insulin, leptin, growth hormone and more.

You should never feel uncomfortable or judged. Choose a Nutritionist that is familiar with their own experiences losing weight and the battle it brings. Be available for appointments! Checking your weight and food journal, being held accountable and above all being gut-wrenchingly honest with your Nutritionist can make all the difference.

Take advantage of the time you have with them. Prepare yourself, keep a notebook handy to jot down any questions you have before your appointment. And know it’s essential to list all medications and diet restrictions.

Between your motivation and iron-clad will YOU CAN DO IT! Having professional advice and one more cheerleader never hurts either! We offer this and more at Nutritionally Yours.

If being your best self means a little less you, reaching your weight loss goal, we’re ready to help!

YES! You can say “A good nutritionist CAN help me lose weight!”

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