By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

Nutritionist In Atlanta can help with holistic healthThe phrase Holistic Health is all about approaching life in a certain way, in regards to your health. It is not specific to a symptom or medical condition, but instead, it is an overview of how we relate to our environment. Holistic Health also focuses on the connection between the mind, body, and spirit. The goal is to help the person live a long and full-filled life where their body is functioning at optimal level. The person is also aware that their health and wellness is their responsibility, they need to make good choices to see the health improvements they need and can achieve.

Have you ever had an upset stomach when you knew you had to ace a test or a job interview? The anxiety level was most likely increased and it caused a stomach ache. Once the test or interview was behind you, the stomach symptoms improved. Other times you can be feeling totally fine, and a person calls you that typically gets you upset, you may start feeling physical symptoms due to the emotions the discussion is causing.

When a patient comes into our Atlanta, Ga office to see our Nutritionist about a symptom or health challenge needing to be improved, we take ALL factors into consideration. With holistic health techniques, this may include reviewing the daily diet to see if food intolerances are contributing to the feeling of ill health. It may also include a discussion on the environment the person lives in to make sure there isn’t a toxin like a mold contributing to symptoms. And we do ask about the emotional health of their family life and work environment. If a person is in a toxic relationship, it usually will lead to physical symptoms.

You are a whole person and your physical, emotional and spiritual life needs to be in balance for you to feel your best. Our Nutritionist in Atlanta can help pinpoint things leading to poor health and get you back on the track to feeling your best. Holistic health techniques work wonderfully at improving symptoms and health challenges.

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