NaturopathyImageAt Nutritionally Yours we teach & educate our clients how to obtain better health and wellness through Naturopathy.  Nutritionally Yours uses a variety of natural remedies, not medical “treatments” to help you feel better.

Some techniques of naturopathy include herbal remedies, homeopathy, vitamin and mineral programs and nutrition counseling. We see people in our office that have a wide variety of acute and chronic health concerns.

Each person is given an individualized support program to help them achieve better health and wellness. The goal is to educate, guide and support each client in regards to alternative remedies to help each person to take charge of their own good health and enable self healing.

Alane Palmer is a Naturopath in Atlanta GA and has been helping people feel better since 1999. She has a real love for what she does and her greatest joy is to help people overcome their health challenges and move on to more fulfilling lives!

What is Naturopathy? What Does a Naturopath in Atlanta GA Do?

Naturopathy has been in the United States for more 100 years. Naturopaths acknowledge and work to assist the self-healing process in every individual. They seek to identify and eliminate the underlying cause of illness, rather than to simply eliminate or suppress symptoms. Naturopathy emphasizes education and encourage self responsibility for health. A naturopath is a teacher. Each client is seen as a whole person that has “individual” physical, mental, genetic, spiritual, environmental and social factors and needs. Naturopath’s recognize the importance of disease “prevention.” The evaluation they perform is to determine the cause of existing or potential health concerns. Naturopath’s do not “diagnose” disease nor give “treatment” for disease. It is the correct interventions and support programs which are the key to creating and maintaining optimal health & balance in each individual client.

Naturopathy Fees & Appointments: $125 for the initial visit which lasts for about 1 hour. Sessions may be done in person or over the phone if the client lives far away from our office. Follow up visits last from 15 minutes to 1 hour and are billed at $125 an hour with a minimum of $55. Emergency appointments are available for colds/flu & are scheduled for 15 minutes and billed at $55.

Naturopathy, Atlanta GA  can help ANY condition! Get started today feeling better!

Nutritionally Yours is located in Roswell GA, about 45 minutes north of Atlanta Georgia. People travel from all over the Atlanta area and surrounding states to be seen at our clinic. Schedule your appointment today and get started feeling better!