Naturopathic NutritionThe naturopathic approach to nutrition is based on teaching clients how to make healthy food choices to better support overall health and wellness. At the Nutritionally Yours clinic in Roswell GA, we serve the entire metro Atlanta GA area. One of our objectives is to teach our clients what foods to enjoy and what foods to avoid to help them feel better and be their best, everyday.

Naturopathic nutrition” is a term we use at the clinic because we feel so strongly about the statement “You are what you eat.”

Food matters! We take into account chemicals in foods, foods that contribute to poor health and inflammation, and adverse symptoms that may be caused by certain foods. At Nutritionally Yours we teach how to eat delicious, healthy foods while sticking to a budget. Our Naturopath focuses on nutrition and provides you with a grocery list. We even have a personal chef on staff who can provide cooking lessons.

The foundation of naturopathic medicine is the principle that the body has the ability to heal itself given the right tools. The best, high quality tool to support self-healing is good nutrition. Thus at Nutritionally Yours we offer in office, phone or skype sessions to help you learn all you need to about food and how it effects your health and wellness. To simplify we just call it “Naturopathic Nutrition.”

Did you know that a connection has been found between the use of artificial sweeteners and changes in the lining of people’s intestines? And that these changes have led to other ailments? Or that a connection has been found between drinking carbonated soda and lower bone density in women? These are just a couple of the dietary connections that we track when Nutritionally Yours works to reestablish good health with our clients.

There’s a definitive link between what people eat and how they feel. Nutritionally Yours uses naturopathic nutrition techniques to bridge the connection between food and symptoms of disease. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that a simple change in your diet can bring about healing? Nutritionally Yours serves Atlanta, GA and has successfully helped our clients to overcome panic attacks, food allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, sinus infections, acne, ADHD, colds, thyroid dysfunction, insomnia, hormone imbalance, auto immune, fibromyalgia symptoms and Lyme disease symptoms simply by adjusting the daily diet and using a few all natural supplements. It can work for you too!

Hundreds of clients from the Atlanta, GA area and around the world work with Nutritionally Yours.

We are just a phone call away. We offer in office, phone and skype sessions for Naturopathic Nutrition sessions to help you feel better soon. Our staff consists of a medical doctor, naturopath / nutritionist, wellness chef and a customer service staff waiting to help you.



by Alane Palmer, Naturopath, Certified Nutrition Counselor