Naturopathic Medicine, Atlanta GA

Naturopathic Medicine

What is Naturopathic Medicine, Atlanta Ga?
It is the science of working with nature to bring people back to health and wellness. The idea is to start with disease prevention, but when disease occurs, support the body when there is sickness by utilizing different healing modalities as needed. A person can bring about their own healing given the right guidance and tools.

Disease Prevention
This may start with identifying which foods are best for the individual to eat to keep their immune system strong and fighting for their health. It may also include vitamin / mineral testing to show if there are antioxidant or vitamin deficiencies which can lead to sickness and disease. Identifying health risks is part of naturopathic medicine.

Disease Support
When a person is sick with asthma for example and traditional methods are not helping enough it may be helpful to utilize food intolerance testing to identify if foods eaten daily by be causing the symptoms. There may also be mineral deficiencies like zinc for instance which is preventing health and healing to occur. By adjusting the diet and nourishing the body with the proper nutrients the person’s body has been helped to turn on it’s own natural healing capabilities.

How are Naturopathic Medicine techniques used at Nutritionally Yours in Atlanta GA?
At Nutritionally Yours we help you identify the best nutritional program for you and if there are nutrient deficiencies that may be contributing to poor health. We help you identify and then eliminate the “cause” of symptoms rather then suppress them. We believe every individual is effected by their environment, surroundings, friends, co workers, diet, spirituality and more. There needs to be a healthy balance in life for health and healing to occur.

Nutritionally Yours does not practice medicine, nor do we “diagnose, treat or cure disease.” What our practitioner does is act as a teacher or guide to help direct you to discover optimal health and healing. Educating each client with tools like food intolerance tests or vitamin deficiency tests helps you know what you need to do to bring about healing.




Alane, if it was not for you, I would probably not be here anymore. You are the one who started the cascade to improve my health and I cannot find enough words to thank you! I know I will get better, and I know my life will improve all because of you! An infinite number of thank yours! I love you! Cheryl D.