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A few months ago I watched a documentary series called “The Thyroid Secret” wherein one of the episodes Chris Kresser gave an excellent analogy that I think will help you understand the answer to the question “Is there a Natural Treatment for Hashimoto’s Disease.”

The analogy went something like this; “If your foot hurts because there is a pebble in your shoe, conventional medicine says that prescribing Advil is the answer to getting rid of the pain. Yes, the Advil will help with the pain. However, functional medicine asks, “Why there is a pain in the first place?” and prompts you to take off the shoe, and that is when the pebble is dumped out so that healing begins.”

When someone gets diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, they receive medication and are told that they will take this drug for the rest of their life. My doctor said the same thing too when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. However, the truth is that medication does not treat Hashimoto’s, but you CAN help it naturally. Healing for the majority of those who have Hashimoto’s begins in the kitchen, not at a pharmacy.

I have seen several doctors about my thyroid issues and after years of struggling with symptoms like hair loss, chronic fatigue, puffiness, weight gain and more. I figured that this was the way that I would live the rest of my life and that I should just get used to it. After all, multiple adjustments were made, but my meds simply were not helping even though my doctors were satisfied with my labs. The crazy thing is that I was being offered many different medications to deal with all the symptoms. I believe they were doing their best according to what they were taught; after all, they are the experts. Sadly though, not one doctor ever suggested that eliminating a food intolerance could help reduce the autoimmunity against the thyroid gland.

It is believed that probably almost 90% of folks who suffer from Hashimoto’s have a food intolerance. The main offender for most with Hashimoto’s is gluten and other grains. After I completely removed gluten from my diet, my Hashimoto’s symptoms and my labs significantly improved! My endocrinologist was completely in shock because he had to reduce my Hypothyroid medication in half the dose when he usually has to increase most prescriptions for Hashimoto patients.

Gluten creates an inflammatory response for those who are intolerant and as I mentioned before most with Hashimoto’s are intolerant even if they do not know it yet. The problem is that most are people confused with allergy (an immediate reactions) and intolerance (a delayed reaction). Food intolerances can trigger autoimmune thyroid disease because of the irritant is causing the immune system to attack the gland. Plus most people crave the foods they are intolerant of.  The good news is that healing can begin when inflammation stops, which is done by removing the offending food and not necessarily by only taking a thyroid drug.

If you suffer from Hashimoto’s and want to learn how to go gluten-free correctly or about other foods that may be triggering inflammation or autoimmunity, give our office a call. Our head clinician Alane understands Hashimoto’s and has helped many individuals (like myself) feel better than they have felt in years! She can help you too!

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