Attention Deficit? ADHD? Start with basics….. the diet., Atlanta Ga.

Attention Deficit / ADHD

Nutritionally Yours is NOT about the “disease” of ADHD. We ARE about teaching you natural approaches to helping your child focus and behave better.

Attention Deficit / ADHD in Atlanta Ga.
At Nutritionally Yours, many parents come into our office as a last resort to help their children naturally. They ask for natural treatments for ADHD, hyperactivity, poor behavior and even poor speech to help their child.

We look for possible triggers for negative symptoms. These triggers may be a food intolerance, vitamin deficiency, a poor diet, toxic metals, neurotransmitter imbalance or lifestyle imbalance. We suggest a protocol to help balance the child out and the results are always terrific.

4Boys1HyperADHD and Food Allergy Reactions
The typical American diet is made up of wheat (breads), milk, eggs, soy and peanut. These foods just happen to be the top 5 food triggers in children. We believe in getting the proof you need to know for sure what your child’s diet should consist of. A holistic approach to an ADHD diet program may include delayed food allergy testing to see which foods are causing the symptoms. Testing can be done in blood, stool or saliva. In come cases testing is not needed. We provide you with a printout of foods to feed your child that they will like. The key is give the child what they like to eat, just change the ingredients to remove triggers for attention deficit or ADHD symptoms.

Attention Deficit and Vitamin Deficiency Testing
Folate: Low folate is linked to hyperactivity in children. MTHFR gene can genetically make a child predisposed to folate deficiency and more likely to have ADHD.

Zinc: Is a cofactor to dopamine synthesis which affects mood & concentration. Magnesium: Deficiency is linked to poor function of neurotransmitters that control emotion, social reactions, hyperactivity and attention. Works well with B6.

ADHD and Neurotransmitter Testing
Yes you can test neurotransmitter levels to identify a serotonin, dopamine, gaba deficiency which may be contributing to ADHD and Attention Deficit Symptoms. Proper support can bring about quick relief!

Nutritionally Yours is located in Roswell GA, about 45 minutes north of Atlanta Georgia. People travel from all over the Atlanta area and surrounding states to be seen at our clinic. Schedule your appt today and get started learning how to bring about relief for your child with ADHD or attention deficit symptoms.

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