If you have a child with Attention Deficit or ADHD symptoms we can help them focus and behave better …which can lead to less anxiety, better social skills, and improved grades.

Attention Deficit / ADHD

We do this by identifying imbalances or food reactions that are causing imbalances in the brain.

We serve the entire metro Atlanta, Ga area and the entire USA. Helping children and adults focus better.

Attention-Deficit / ADHD in Atlanta Ga.
We have had many appointments with parents saying this is there last hope. They know the cause and the answer is simple, but no one has put there finger on it yet. And many parents that call us for help do not want their child put on years of medication that can be habit forming.  They ask for natural treatments for ADHD, hyperactivity, poor behavior and even poor speech to help their child succeed in life.

We look for triggers for negative symptoms. These triggers may be a food intolerance, vitamin deficiency, toxic metals, neurotransmitter imbalance, etc. We then suggest a protocol to help balance the brain  and the results are usually life changing for the child and the concerned parents.

4Boys1HyperADHD and Food Allergy Reactions
YES…food can trigger a good day or a bad day for you and your child. Easy to run, food intolerance testing will identify food triggers. These foods can be different for every child with attention deficit symptoms.And now worries, we teach nutrition counseling to make sure your child is happy with their diet. There are always kid friendly options if changes are needed.

Some Options For Testing (if needed)
vitamin deficiency, MTHFR and methylation, neurotransmitters, food intolerances including gluten, low iron, sluggish thyroid, poor gut health, inflammation.

Does Alane understand kids and attention deficit symptoms? Absolutely! She has been working successfully with families for over 20 years plus raised two active boys of her own.

Nutritionally Yours is located in Woodstock GA, about 45 minutes north of Atlanta Georgia. We serve the entire Metro Atlanta, Ga area plus all of the United States. We work mostly virtually and have appointments available Monday – Friday.  We offer Phone, Facetime, ZOOM appointments.

678-372-2913 – call or click to make your appt today!

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