Natural Allergy Season Help | Natural Allergy Season Help | Nutritionally YoursBy Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

It is mid-April, 2019 and my sinuses are not happy. In Georgia, we have to deal with the “green” pollen as soon as the weather warms up. Some people seem to be just fine, but most people end up on allergy medication and suffer terribly until summertime comes. The first year I moved to Georgia, I felt fine during allergy season, but I did think this “green” stuff that seemed to fall from the sky was very odd. The second year it really hit me! I had a runny nose, watery eyes, a foggy head, and a few sneezing fits after walking my dog outside on the road. What was happening? This did not happen to me when I lived in the North East.

From what I have learned, most people that move to Georgia need allergy season help after their first year here. I try to do things naturally, so I had to find a natural remedy to help myself, my family and of course my patients. Thank goodness there are a few excellent all-natural allergy season help remedies. My absolute favorite natural allergy season help nutrient called, Quercetin. It is a natural antioxidant that helps support the immune season. Quercetin is a type of flavonoid antioxidant that’s found in plant foods, including leafy greens, tomatoes, berries, and broccoli. Quercetin is also a natural anti–inflammatory nutrient along with being a natural anti-histamine. There is plenty of evidence that Quercitin may slow up the release of histamines.

Quercetin plus Bromelain is an even stronger combination of natural allergy season help. Bromelain, a mixture of enzymes found naturally in pineapples, seems to increase the intestine’s absorption of Quercetin.

Along with specific anti-allergy supplements (which we have at the clinic for anyone to purchase), consider making an appointment and let’s discuss a healthy, daily, diet to help reduce those annoying allergy season symptoms. We can run food allergy / intolerance testing on you to show you which foods are contributing to immune triggering symptoms and inflammation.

Nutritionally Yours is here to help support you with natural allergy season help via supplements and dietary guidance. The green powder (pollen) does not have to get the better of you and your immune system!

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