Metabolic Syndrome Diet Specialist in Atlanta, Ga.

If you are looking for a “life-changing” metabolic diet plan or natural treatment that works….you found it! 


*high blood pressure *diabetes *insulin resistance *leptin resistance *brain fog *hormone imbalance *weight gain *inflammation *excess body fat around the waist * high cholesterol or triglycerides * frustration *depression *fatigue *increased risk of heart attack and stroke

metabolic syndrome Atlanta Ga

Metabolic Syndrome Diet | Metabolic Syndrome Treatment Atlanta Ga

Hello, Friends

YES! That was and is me, when I went through a metabolic syndrome / menopausal weight gain struggle.

I am Alane, a  holistic nutritionist, metabolic specialist, and menopausal woman.

Do I understand your frustration and desire to fix your metabolic health so you can lose weight and feel more vibrant? Absolutely! I grew up in a home where sugar was the #1 food group available. I was addicted to it. Breakfast would be a high sugary cereal, lunch would be loaded with carbs and sugar and of course a sugary snack, 3pm snack would be a Twinkie, devil dog, Suzie Q followed by a lollipop and dinner – well let’s just say that by dinner time I was pretty cranky and not hungry for anything mom had cooked.

I had blemishes, brain fog, weight gain, thin hair, smiled very little and did not understand why I looked unhealthy and felt so bad.

Now I am 59 and I am told I do not look a day over 40 . My metabolic syndrome diet and treatment plan works! I feel amazing and you can too!

I will help you figure out your metabolic health and what your metabolism needs so you finally get the weight loss and health improving results you want. 

Metabolic Syndrome Diet | Metabolic Syndrome Treatment Atlanta Ga

Do you find yourself saying anything like this?

“I love spending time with my family, I just wish I had more energy!” 

“I know there is something wrong with my metabolism, and I just need a treatment plan that works.” 

“I hate starving, and counting calories.” 

“I am a pre-menopausal woman that cannot lose weight” 

” I need the perfect person that will listen, care, figure my metabolism out and fix it. “

The best way to fix metabolic syndrome is to follow these simple steps.  

  1. Figure out exactly what your metabolism needs to work right, 
  2. Find any metabolic bocks and stop them from getting in the way of your success. 
  3. Have a strategic metabolic diet and treatment plan that works. 

metabolic syndrome Atlanta Ga

Why does my metabolic syndrome diet and treatment program in Atlanta, Ga work?  

I use science and math based facts to get my clients the long-term results they want. 

What my metabolic diet and metabolic syndrome treatment program will teach you. 

  • How to easily reset your metabolism 
  • What foods to eat to unlock fat burning and obtain life-long weight loss success
  • How to burn fat even without exercise.  
  • How saliva hormone testing with show you if you have “hormone overload” causing weight gain 
  • Is your thyroid slow? 
  • How to keep your mind on success. 
  • How to bust through any weight loss plateau. 
  • What is intermittent fasting and is it right for you?
  • My trick to staying in ketosis without eating a diet high in fat.

Let’s Do This! 


metabolism Atlanta

Metabolic Syndrome Diet & Treatment Atlanta, Ga