By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

lyme disease how we can help Lyme disease! The struggle is real. Let me get real with you too; I get excited to talk about Lyme disease! Why? I get excited because we have so many clients at Nutritionally Yours that have been affected by Lyme and are doing better now that they have been coming to our clinic. Nothing makes my day like witnessing patients feel alive and happy again after this disease almost destroyed them. Here is a recent patient testimony that we received a couple of days ago:

“Hi Alane and Team just wanted to let you know this is a beautiful morning for me because of the progress I am experiencing in my initial three weeks of treatment in a two year struggle of health caused by a tick bite. I was just living until I could feel ALIVE again. At last, I have hope once more recovery is on the way. Thank you to the wonderful team (I mean EVERYONE!) for the professional compassionate care you provide. Hearts in service for others.”

No one has more compassion and understands what it is like to deal with Lyme disease than our very own head clinician, Alane Palmer (Lyme Literate), who got bit by a Lyme infected tick back in 1983. Alane understands Lyme disease and is here to help you. She is a naturopath and holistic nutritionist that understands what Lyme can do to the body and what it takes to get better! There is also a Lyme Literate medical doctor on staff if “medical” treatment is needed. If you think that you have Lyme, the best thing to do is take action as soon as possible. You may be wondering, “How would I know?” There are signs to look for like a red bull’s eye mark on the skin that appears a few days after the bite. To catch it early look for these signs too: facial muscle weakness, sudden flu-like symptoms, new stomach aches or migraines. If there is no bull’s eye mark, but you suspect Lyme look for these symptoms, chronic fatigue, nerve pain, numbness, irregular heart rate, hot and cold sensations, memory loss, muscle pain or weakness and joint pain.

If you are looking to battle Lyme disease naturally or suspect that you have Lyme then Nutritionally Yours CAN help! Let us teach you how you can regain your health and your life back from that nasty infection.

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