Living With Lyme DiseaseBy Michelle Tuffs

The number of people living with Lyme Disease is much higher than we know. Lyme Disease is an enormous part of our care for those dealing with this condition and all the ailments it brings.  Our incredibly talented Naturopath here at Nutritionally Yours has dealt with Lyme Disease for many years, and in a way, it’s bittersweet for her. On the one hand, she has a heart for helping people with Lyme and knowing exactly how they feel and most importantly, believe in them and create a protocol for each of her patients to begin to live life again!

One of the first things I learned about living with Lyme Disease as part of the Nutritionally Yours Team is EVERYONE is unique and must be treated as such!

Lyme Disease is caused by the bite of the Deer Tick. The most common form, Borrelia Burgdorferi, is an organism with a remarkable ability to mask it’s presence, going undetected by the immune system. It is possible that Lyme can start showing your symptoms right away OR a few months or years after the tick bite! For Alane, she had some IBS symptoms at first and extreme fatigue. Later on (around 1 year later) her legs started to hurt and collapse from under her. Then things got worse if you can imagine.

Also, along with Lyme Disease (Borrelia), other infections can be transmitted as well. These are called or known as “co-infections,” but they are just as important as the primary infection. It all depends on YOUR immune system exactly how your personal Lyme story will read.

All infections have been known to affect cognitive abilities like reading, spelling possibly, thinking and also motor skills such as walking, driving or even merely holding your fork at dinnertime can be affected.

Your “Living With Lyme Disease Story” is extremely important to us because we KNOW your symptoms are real, we recognize Lyme Disease and we can help! Alane is a naturopath/nutrition consultant that loves helping build the immune system naturally, and our MD on staff can provide medication as needed.

Be Blessed!

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