living with lyme disease By Alane Stieglitz, ND, CNC

The number of people living with Lyme Disease is much higher than we know. Lyme comes from a deer tick bite and sometimes leaves the person with a round bull’s eye rash. If diagnosed and treated in the early stages, the person can get better and stay that way. Usually, one course of antibiotics is perfect. I can still visualize in my head the doctor in Oswego, NY that I went to when I first had symptoms; I had to forgive him. If he had known what early Lyme symptoms were, ran a blood test for Lyme, and treated me, it would never have turned into chronic Lyme Disease.

The bite of the Deer Tick causes Lyme Disease. The most common form, Borrelia Burgdorferi, is an organism with a remarkable ability to mask its presence, going undetected by the immune system. The person often starts to have symptoms in a few days, others a few weeks, and some can take a “trigger” as a fall or accident, and the symptoms start then.

For me, my feet and legs felt odd, then my stomach, and then I was so tired. I had no idea I was living with Lyme Disease, so I kept doing what I usually did in life. Later on (around one year later), my legs started to hurt a lot, and they collapsed from under me one night while I was working in the student union at college. Things got a lot worse from here. (see my You Tube page for additional information)

Also, along with Lyme Disease (Borrelia), other infections can be transmitted as well. These are called “co-infections,” but they are just as important as the primary infection. It all depends on YOUR immune system exactly how your personal Lyme story will read.

All infections have been known to affect cognitive abilities like reading, thinking, and motor skills such as walking, driving, speaking, or even merely holding your fork at dinnertime. And many people say they have terrible joint pain.

When dealing with a chronic illness like long-term Lyme Disease, I find it crucial to do a few things to see them improve.
1) Discover which Lyme infections they have and if they are active or dormant
2) Run regular labs to see where the body needs extra TLC to help it function at its best.
3) Adjust the diet as needed to reduce pain, inflammation and increase health and wellness
4) Reduce stress – even if that means making life changes or improvements. Put yourself first to heal.

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