The Link Between Infertility & ThyroidBy Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

Certain patients really stand out to me, and I will never forget their struggle. A few years ago, while I was working with a medical doctor, I learned the importance of the thyroid gland and infertility. A young woman desperately wanted to have a baby. The went for fertility treatments, and nothing was working. She came into the clinic, and our office ran a “Comprehensive” Thyroid panel on her, and her Free level of T3 was very low! The doctor gave her armour thyroid which is T3 supportive and kept a good eye on her Free and Total T3 levels. In just a few short months she was pregnant and 9 healthy months later she gave birth to a baby!

Later on, I had another patient that was suffering from infertility. I remembered the lady with the low Free T3 and I ran a comprehensive thyroid panel on her. This time, the TSH, T3 and T4 levels were all optimal, BUT her thyroid antibodies were positive. AH HA! This is an indicator of autoimmunity against the thyroid. I have heard this has been linked to infertility too! So, we put her on an autoimmune supportive diet, and two months later she was pregnant and had a healthy baby nine months later.

Could there really be a simple link between infertility and the thyroid? I think so, I have seen this happen over and over!

I have also seen a link between the thyroid slowing down after each pregnancy, so fertility seems to get worse after each pregnancy. And so does other thyroid symptoms like weight loss, fatigue, hair loss, etc.

There are too many couples suffering needlessly with infertility. There are reasons this occurs, and one reason can be a slow thyroid, especially low Free t3 levels and high thyroid antibodies.

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