By Alane Palmer, ND, CNCThe Link Between Hypothyroidism and Hypertension

Did you know that hypothyroidism is recognized as a cause of secondary hypertension? YES! If the thyroid gland is not treated properly, hypertension can be the result. Hypothyroidism has also been associated with arterial stiffness which may occur during the early days of atherosclerosis. In patients with hypothyroidism, both systolic and diastolic pressures may be elevated depending on the severity of the thyroid levels.

Even though the thyroid gland is small, it has a big responsibility. It secretes hormones that influence the temperature of the body, development of growth, metabolism and blood pressure. Hypertension may lead to pain in the chest and back, having a hard time breathing, body weakness, numbness, vision challenges, and trouble speaking.

Between the thyroid and blood pressure, they both share connections with one another that may show warning signs to a patient and their doctor for heart trouble.

Blood pressure can begin to rise for several reasons when dealing with hypothyroidism. If the kidneys cannot filter waste when a blood pressure is low, a chemical called angiotensin is formed which raises the blood pressure. And if the body is not reacting well to a T4 or thyroid medication or supplement, the body will raise the blood pressure to combat the issue. Many times the body will cut blood to the hands and the feet to focus on the core of the body. This will raise blood pressure or cause hypertension due to the person having hypothyroid and it is not handing medication or treatment well. Or treatment is not enough.

What I hear from my patients with hypothyroid is that their blood pressure seems to be racing at times, especially when lying down and trying to rest or sleep. But once their levels are correctly tested , including free levels of T4 and T3, and antibodies and they get proper supplementation or medication their blood pressure seems to normalize. This seems to happen often when there is a combination of hypothyroidism plus autoimmune thyroid. The blood pressure spikes appear to be controlled with dietary adjustments and again proper thyroid support.

If you are troubled with hypertension and you are concerned it is due to hypothyroidism, please consider scheduling an appointment at our clinic. We can run comprehensive thyroid labs and make sure your thyroid is bring treated best for YOU!

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