Integrative MedicineNutritionally Yours is located in Roswell, GA but we help people all over the metro Atlanta, Ga area. We offer all integrative medicine approaches to today’s health challenges. The owner is a traditional minded Naturopath that is also a Holistic Nutritionist. We also have an open minded medical doctor, a wellness chef and a wonderful customer service staff. Our staff works together to help you achieve better health and wellness.

What is Integrative medicine? Integrative medicine focuses less on simply treating a disorder or disease, and more on working to improve a person as a whole. The difference is, a traditional medicine clinician generally has a busy roster of patients and usually only looks at the “physical” side of things. Someone who practices integrative medicine tends to spend more time with patients and attempts to improve their physical, mental, and spiritual health to enable the body to heal itself from within and on its own.

Before going further in depth, let us first look at the difference between integrative and alternative medicine. Many people who practice alternative medicine do not believe traditional medicine has a purpose, and would prefer all to switch to alternative forms of treatment no matter the ailment. They would look at alternative practices as something to do “instead of” conventional medicine. At Nutritionally Yours we use alternative remedies first, but if needed, we refer to our open-minded medical doctor for medical treatment while we continue to teach the patient tools to use to enable their body’s self healing capabilities.

An example could be something like acid reflux. A conventional practitioner may recommend a medicine that reduces the amount of acid so the reflux symptoms are not as extreme. This can backfire though, because if there is a deeper cause for the reflux the body will actually try to make more acid in order to compensate for the medicine. This effect can make the reflux symptoms much worse if a person stops taking the medicine for whatever reason. An integrative medicine practitioner may give a reflux supportive remedy plus look at strengthening the weaker areas of the body that are causing the reflux in order to help the body heal itself.

Integrative medicine follows the belief that the mind, body, and spirit are connected and being weak in one area can lead to weakness in the others. This is why integrative medicine always looks at healing the whole person, rather than just one specific ailment. For example, it is common for those under mental stress from work or school to be more prone to catching a cold since this stress can weaken their immune system. In this scenario, an integrative medicine practitioner would likely recommend both aids for the symptoms of the cold, and an herbal stress remedy and a few appointments with our Life Coach to help alleviate stress and let the immune system heal and strengthen itself.

At Nutritionally Yours, we believe in alternative medicine and integrative medicine techniques to help benefit our patients. The goal is to get to the root cause of health challenges to enable the body to heal itself which improves the quality of life. These techniques may include homeoapathy, naturopathy, nutrition counseling, detox, food intolerance testing or herbal remedies.

It is less a question of “is integrated medicine right for you?” but rather “what can integrated medicine do for you?

Nutritionally Yours offers health supportive consultations in office, over the phone or via facetime for people not able to visit our clinic. We are located in Roswell GA, just 45 minutes north of Atlanta, GA.



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Alane Palmer, Naturopath, CNC


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By Alane Palmer, Naturopath, CNC