By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Maria Cummings

Integrative MedicineIntegrative medicine is gaining the interest of many including doctors and hospitals. Many people are using complementary medicine which simply means they include integrative medicine along with their traditional doctors and traditional medicine. The numbers of individuals turning to integrative medicine have vastly increased over the years. According to American Hospital Association percentages from 1998 till 2004 of American hospitals have more than doubled in offering complementary medicine.*

Integrative medicine takes the whole person (mind and body) into consideration. Patients and integrative practitioners have a partnership with each other like a team. This partnership helps the patient to feel understood and motivates the patient to make healthy lifestyle changes which are just one of the benefits most people seem to appreciate greatly. With integrative services, you can expect to spend thirty minutes to an hour with your practitioner, unlike a ten to fifteen-minute regular doctor’s appointment.

Another benefit from integrative medicine is that there are natural alternatives to many medical issues. For example, instead of taking an antibiotic for something minor, supplements, vitamins, herbs, and other natural remedies can be much safer and just as effective without the side effects. I once heard Mike Adams from Health Ranger say something to the likes of, “Taking antibiotics is like throwing a grenade in your gut, it destroys the good and bad bacteria.” Your health does start and end in your gut! Without good stuff in your gut, health may be compromised.

People everywhere are receiving the benefits from integrative medicine! It is the kind of choice that most people wish that they would have sought long ago. For many, it is the last resort due to feeling frustrated with traditional medicine, not feeling understood or not being healed. If you have not tried integrative medicine but are considering and have questions, give our office a call!

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