Hyperthyroid: Causes and How to Control HyperthyroidBy Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Maria Cummings

Hyperthyroid is when the thyroid gland produces and releases too much of the thyroid hormones causing it to become overactive. These thyroid hormones control the metabolism which controls the rate at which your body burns calories and it effects the heart rate too. That is why most people who have hyperthyroid usually experience symptoms like irregular heart beats, hot flashes, hand tremors, anxiety and weight loss to name a few. Hyperthyroid is the opposite of having hypothyroid where the thyroid is under active, and the common symptom is weight gain.

So what causes Hyperthyroid?
There are several different reasons that can cause a hyperactive thyroid. Some reasons can be genetics, autoimmunity, a stress, childbirth, too much thyroid medication and more.

Seventy percent of hyperthyroid is caused by an autoimmune disorder called Graves disease. Graves disease causes the body to make an antibody call TSI (thyroid stimulating immunoglobulin) which causes the thyroid to make too much thyroid hormones.

Thyroid nodules or lumps growing on the thyroid can be another cause of hyperactivity causing the thyroid to produce too much hormone. This is known as Hashimoto’s.

Thyroiditis can be a cause as well. This usually happens with the immune system has been attacked by a virus causing inflammation where the thyroid will secrete more hormones into the blood stream.

The majority of those who have hyperthyroid or Graves disease also have Leaky Gut and are autoimmune. I know that the sound of those two, do not look good, but the truth is that both can be significantly improved naturally with diet!

People who have autoimmunity need to avoid inflammatory foods and try the AIP (Auto Immune Diet Protocol) for gut healing results. The last thing anyone who has a hyperthyroid wants to do is to cause more damage to their immune system, but that is exactly what inflammation does. Gluten is one of the top foods to avoid because it causes inflammation to the immune system and can trigger an attack against the thyriod gland.  Other foods are dairy, soy, artificial coloring and flavors, sweets, and packaged foods.

Going on the AIP diet eliminates the most common trigger foods from your diet to help your feel better and get better. Try adding more healthy options like whole foods that include, green juices, organic choices when possible, bone broth, fresh and adaptogenic herbs that are anti-inflammatory, organic fruit, good fat like avocado and seeds, grass fed beef, organic poultry and wild caught fish.  These foods will help you feel better, and in many cases, people have improved their overall health by using the AIP diet lifestyle.

Having a hyperthyroid can be overwhelming to understand in the beginning. Here in our clinic, we care about our patients and work with the patients as a team together to help them in their health journey! Let us help YOU too!

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