How to Figure Out the Right Vitamins to Buy By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Michelle Tuffs

Even the most colorful of foods on our plate may not provide sufficient vitamins and minerals your body needs on a daily basis. Guessing what your diet is lacking or possibly has an over-abundance of can mean money wasted on vitamins your body not only doesn’t need but may leave you feeling no better, perhaps even worse and no idea what to buy next! How to figure out the right vitamins to buy is where our staff at Nutritionally Yours can help!

Many times it’s our lifestyle that’s hindering our diet, which snowballs into making bad choices due to lack of time, and honestly, who knows how many vitamins and nutrients they ingest each day? Our lives are busy, and there’s just so much to do so it’s our job at Nutritionally Yours to remove the confusion about the right vitamins for YOU! Taking one multivitamin might not be all you need. Too little isn’t good, but too much of many nutrients can be toxic. This means testing with Nutritionally Yours should be a very high priority for your health! We offer an extensive look into your vitamin and mineral levels through blood testing that looks at your nutrient levels at a intra-cellular level.

Many people visit our clinic with bags full of vitamins, supplements, powders for shakes and smoothies that have yet to repair their issues! How To Figure Out The Right Vitamins to Buy BEFORE you’ve purchased an entire mountain of vitamins and supplements is what we want to help you avoid. With this knowledge, you will begin to restore energy, clarity and overall wellness back into your life!

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