Homeopathic Remedy: Cold & Flu Seasonby Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

Brace yourselves. Cold and flu season is upon us. Think about a teacher during this season. They are in the front lines of the battlefield. Elementary school students sneeze on their teacher at least 27 times a day. Kids refuse to wash their hands before lunch. Little Johnny comes to school regardless of the fact that he’d had a fever the night before – or had thrown up that very morning. The teacher life is rough, but they are not the only people who have to deal with the sniffles and sneezes. You do, too!

Bouts of the flu can knock you down for a week, but colds in particular are also a nuisance. You’re hardly ever just sick enough to take the day off from work because you can’t justify staying home even if you can’t breathe through your nose. Instead, you force some kind of cold medicine down your throat and hope for the best. Yeah, you tried to show that cold who was boss. Or did just masked the symptoms for the time being?

While you feel slightly less worse than you did before for about four hours, you have not gotten to the root of the problem. With the flu, it’s even worse! Going to the doctor can confirm you’ve contracted influenza but an antibiotic will not help because the flu is a virus. Masking symptoms is the best you can do in either case. I guess we’re doomed then?

No, you aren’t!

What if I told you that during the influenza epidemic of 1918 that patients treated with homeopathic remedies had about a 99% survival rate? People who took more traditional medicines (not homeopathic remedies) only had a 70% survival rate. If you take a second to do the math, that my friends is a 29% difference, which in my humble opinion, is quite astounding.

Instead of looking at your symptoms as isolated instances, homeopathy looks at the whole – at you as a person. What is at the root of the issue? What is the overall picture? It should also ease your mind to think that whatever remedy you’re given will be natural. No random chemicals that might cause more damage than you bargained for in your stuffy-nosed daze. A homeopathic remedy should be the first thing you reach for. During this cold and flu season, choose the healthier path.

Don’t simply mask your symptoms! If you are not feeling well, give us a call! We have homeopathic remedies for cold and flu season and other natural remedies too!

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