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Hi, I am Alane, a big hearted, Atlanta-based Holistic Nutritionist. I totally believe in this quote. “Let your food be your medicine, and let your medicine be your food.” – Hippocrates.

I help people in Roswell, Ga, and all over the USA learn how nutrition affects their health. This holistic nutritionist is all about YOU and YOUR individual nutritional needs.

Are you looking for a holistic nutritionist in Roswell that walks the walk and has for decades?  You found one!

In recent years, people have taken increased notice of the link between nutrition and their overall health. If you live in Roswell and are looking for a holistic health nutritionist with years of experience, come to Nutritionally Yours. We work to determine what works best for you and your individual needs.

Having a nutritional plan that benefits your health is easier to do than you might think. It can feel impossible with our busy lifestyles. However, our nutritionist can help you learn how to include the right nutrients and eat the right food. We also know that a plan that works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. Everybody has their own unique needs when it comes to nutrition. Whether you are vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, or have any other type of diet, we are able to meet your needs. Schedule an appointment with us today.

Note: Any nutritional counseling received with our clinic, is based on the practices of Holistic Nutrition Counseling. Our staff shares our beliefs and education about food with our clients to help stimulate their bodies to self-heal.

Nutritionally Yours is located in Duluth, GA, about 45 minutes north of Atlanta, Georgia.

We see people virtually via phone, facetime, and zoom.  Hours are Monday – Friday 9-4 pm EST. 

Schedule your appointment today and get started feeling better soon! 


Contact Us: 678-372-2913 / alanepnd@gmail.com 

I’ve lost 17 pounds. I sleep peacefully through the night – every night. I can concentrate throughout the day and have given up all caffeine and no longer crave sweets all day. I am energetic and happy! The pain has decreased significantly and I now exercise 45 minutes/day – 6 days/week. Alane helped solve the mystery that was ruining my life and I will be forever grateful.