How Holistic Medicine Can Benefit Youby Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

Holistic medicine is all about healing and balance. You are a whole person made up of parts that need to all work together for your benefit. If there is an imbalance, the entire body may be affected. If you start to get joint pain, a holistic medicine practitioner will most likely talk to you about changes in your diet, stress, work, family life and will try to get to the root cause of the pain. It may be triggered by food intolerances, your spine being out of alignment, or an infection like Lyme. The key is not to merely treat the symptoms will medication, it is to figure out WHY the pain is there, to begin with and then help improve the symptoms as naturally as possible.

I had a patient many years ago that wanted to get pregnant. She went to the best infertility doctors where she lived. Nothing was working. She came to see me, and we made some simple adjustments to her diet, ran nutrient deficiency testing, and within two months she was pregnant. It turned out to be a mineral deficiency and food intolerances preventing the pregnancy from happening. So, instead of treating the condition with medication, in holistic medicine we simply get the body balanced out better and watch it improve.

Another patient had daily migraines and was suffering terribly. Medication stopped working, and she was desperate. We did food intolerance testing, and hair analysis and I referred her to a functional neurologist to work on her spine and brain. After a few dietary adjustments and supporting a magnesium deficiency, her daily migraines were gone. She was also sleeping much better.

So, can holistic medicine benefit you too? Sure it can! Schedule your initial appointment and let’s get started!

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