By Alane Stieglitz-Wincek ND, CNC, Atlanta Ga

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A holistic health practitioner, Atlanta. Ga is someone who works in holistic Health or holistic nutrition. The phrase Holistic Health is all about approaching life in a certain way regarding your Health. It is not specific to a symptom or medical condition, but instead, it is an overview of how we relate to our environment. Our Holistic Health practitioner in Atlanta, Ga, focuses on the connection between the mind, body, and spirit. The goal is to help the person live a long and full-filled life where their body functions optimally. The person is also aware that their Health and wellness are their responsibility; they need to make good choices to see the health improvements they need and can achieve. A holistic health practitioner is their partner, guide, teacher, and support person. 

Our holistic health practitioner, Atlanta Ga also uses only the best, all-natural supports, remedies, and supplements to help improve the quality of a client’s life. She also gets to the root cause of any health symptom to figure out why it is showing up and how to eliminate it. 

holistic health practitioner

Food is also discussed as food reactions occur in people dealing with health struggles. One of the easiest ways to help improve Health is to make sure the person’s diet is proper for them. Sometimes a simple dietary adjustment will make a whole world of difference to a person’s Health and life quality. I have discussed my son’s allergy to the sun many times. I was grateful the medical community figured it out as we were both having a difficult time dealing with his symptoms.  But once I sat down and thought about the root cause of the allergy, and made some adjustments, the sun allergy improved, and he could play outside again. 

When a client comes to see our holistic health practitioner Atlanta, Ga, about a symptom or health challenge that needs improvement, we consider ALL factors. With holistic health techniques, this may include reviewing the daily diet to see if food intolerances contribute to the feeling of ill health. It may also discuss the person’s environment to ensure there isn’t a toxin like mold contributing to symptoms. And we do ask about the emotional Health of their family life and work environment. If a person is in a toxic relationship, it usually will lead to physical symptoms.

You are a whole person, and your physical, emotional, and spiritual life needs to balance for you to feel your best. Our holistic health practitioner is both a naturopath and a nutritionist and can pinpoint things leading to poor Health and get you back to feeling your best. 

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