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Your hair is the second biggest tissue in the body, so if it is healthy, it can be an indicator of your personal health. But what if you do not have healthy-looking hair? What can be causing it?

Causes of Hair Loss
Hypothyroid, Autoimmunity, Hormone Imbalance, Mineral Deficiency, Vitamin Deficiency, Inflammation, Unhealthy Diet, Leaky Gut, Pathogens in the Gut, Metal Toxicity, etc.

How We Can Help You Have Healthy Hair: First we will run comprehensive labs to identify any root causes for the hair loss symptoms. Then we will discuss diet and nutrition and may even check for food allergy or intolerances that can inhibit optimal absorption of nutrients. We may run a stool test to check for pathogenic activity. Many times there is an easy answer and a clear direction on how to get hair loss = healthy hair.

Another tool is a hair analysis test.  A hair analysis may indicate how a person is absorbing essential minerals like calcium, zinc, selenium, iron, and magnesium. The hair analysis testing may also indicate if there is heavy metal toxicity in the body. These can include  Lead, Copper, Mercury, Cadmium, and Aluminum. YOUR hair has a story to tell!

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