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Are you looking for someone to help you have healthy looking hair?

Are you concerned that your hair is telling a story of poor health and wellness?

Are you needing someone to figure out what is wrong inside, teach you how to fix it, and have shiny, healthy hair as the result?

Do you know that your hair is the second biggest tissue in the body and it does tell a story about your health?

You found the right place. Hi, my name is Alane and I am the owner of Nutritionally Yours. Many years ago I was in sickness and so was my hair. It was thin, lifeless and would break very easily. Once I learned how to restore my healthy….my hair is full and shiny.

Let’s Get to the Root Cause of Unhealthy Looking Hair or of  Hair Loss
I am located just north of Atlanta, Ga and I can run comprehensive labs to check for: Hypothyroid, Autoimmunity, Hormone Imbalance, Mineral Deficiency, Vitamin Deficiency, Inflammation, Food Intolerances, Leaky Gut, Pathogens in the Gut, Metal Toxicity…

We are located in Woodstock, GA and we serve the entire metro, Atlanta, GA area, and all of the United States. We are a virtual clinic and we offer Phone, Facetime & ZOOM and appointments Monday – Friday.

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I am writing to say thank you. Thank you for offering the hair analysis testing.  I wish I had found your websites much earlier and spared my son’s unnecessary suffering.”

Best regards,