HairOnBrushMany people come into our office looking to run  Hair Analysis Testing in Atlanta. GA.

A hair analysis test may be used as a guide to which minerals may be beneficial to any nutritional supplement program. A hair analysis may also indicate how a person is absorbing essential minerals like calcium, zinc, selenium, iron and magnesium. The hair analysis testing in Atlanta GA may also indicate if there may be heavy metal toxicity in the body. Metals like Lead, Copper, Mercury, Cadmium and Aluminum may lead to adverse symptoms in the nervous system and the body. Many adverse symptoms can be caused by metal toxicity in Atlanta GA. If a possible metal toxicity is indicated our office may utilize natural supportive remedies to help the body to eliminate them.

Why Hair Analysis Testing, Atlanta GA?  Hair is the second most metabolically active tissue in the body. The hair tissue is affected by the blood, perspiration, environment, genetics, hormones and enzymes. The hair represents what is occurring inside the cells and the sub molecular figures of the body. A blood test shows what is happening outside the cell and the waste material being discarded. The hair gives a reading of what is being stored in the body.

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