hair analysis for heavy metals help you By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Annah Gillette

We have an average of over 700 chemicals in our bodies, even when eating as conscious as possible. Detoxification could be the missing link to help you feel your best. First, we need to determine your specific toxin levels and address them specifically.
Under the best conditions our bodies can get rid of toxins through numerous natural channels:

· Hair
· Finger and Toe Nails
· Skin
· Bowels
· Sweat
· Blood
· Bile
· Urine

In hair analysis tests, extremely high levels of toxins can be found in a single strand of hair, even in people who think they live a ‘healthy’ lifestyle – they workout, don’t smoke, try to eat their vegetables, etc. Hair is one of the most telling when testing toxicity levels. It even contains remnants of LSD and cocaine in people who used drugs more than six months before testing. It also shows traces of aluminum, mercury, bismuth, lead, arsenic, tin, titanium, silver, chlorine, tar, uranium, and antimony, just to name a few toxins.

The problem is that once the body tries to get rid of a toxin it repeatedly tries to make it water soluble so it can leave the body easier. Then it starts to recycle that toxin to find an escape channel. If it cannot escape, this is one-way disease begins. A Russian scientist and naturopath named Eli Metchnik did extensive research on this phenomenon in 1904.

In Ayurvedic medicine, this is called the ‘multiply and localize’ stages of disease development. A toxin starts to move through blood plasma, and into the reproductive cycle of cells and tissues, so wherever you are weakest in your body, you are likely to develop a disease. A disease is ‘born’ in the physical body when genetic predispositions for disease give way to environmental stress – i.e., toxicity.

Water is your first defense to help your body remove toxins the way it is designed to! With a customized protocol you can slowly rid your body of excess chemicals and toxins. You accumulated them over an extended period of time. It will take some time to rid your body of these toxins.
Infrared saunas can help accelerate this process by helping you sweat by penetrating your body several inches with low-level heat.

There is always an underlying cause of disease from toxicity from chemicals or metals. Using hair, urine, and stool samples to a comprehensive analysis, opposed to blood tests. Toxins settle into tissues and do not remain in the blood for a long period.

General cleansing and improving your diet can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Using specific supplements enable you to be laser-focused on removing your specific chemicals and metals. Working with a clinician is a practical way to navigate the procedures to regaining your health.

Here is why you want to test for heavy metals through hair analysis:

Precise measurement of 36 minerals including major and trace nutrient minerals, toxic metals such as mercury, and some neutral minerals.
Detailed ratios between all the nutrient minerals to show what you may have too much of in proportion to some you may have too little of. Nutrient mineral ratios are as important than individual nutrient mineral readings.
Detailed ratios between significant toxic metals and nutrient minerals.

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