By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC
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There are many people these days that are eating a gluten-free diet. Some eat it because they have to and others are finding that they simply feel a little better when they leave gluten out of their diet. When patients come into the clinic asking about doing a gluten intolerance test we discuss all of the options with them. Here are a few ways to test:

1. There is a lab (Cyrex) that does a very Comprehensive Gluten Intolerance  Test. They test ALL of the gluten components and they test them in TWO immune pathways. Most gluten intolerance tests are only run in the IgG immune pathway and most only test for gliadin igA or deaminated gliadin IgA. There are MANY other types of glutens. For instance, transglutaminase antibodies can indicate autoimmune activity caused by gluten. Our comprehensive gluten test checks for this one component that causes autoimmunity against the brain, gut and skin.

2. By the same lab (Cyrex) we can run what is called a “Gluten Cross-Reactivity Test”. This test checks for ALL of the grains like rice, oat, millet, spelt etc that can ACT like gluten in the body. This test also includes all the dairy proteins, potato, coffee, yeast and other helpful items.

3. Another test we can run that includes a gluten intolerance is from Alletess Lab. They do a 184 Igg and 25 IgE food test. The IgG part of it includes one type of gluten plus ALL of the gluten grains like wheat, oat, rye, barley and spelt. If the patient tests positive for gluten and some of the gluten grains, they can start taking gluten out of their diet, and they should feel health improvements. The IgE part of the test will check for wheat and a few of the grains that contain gluten.

4. We can do a stool test if a blood test is not able to occur. This test includes gliadin IgA plus the autoimmune part of it that is called transglutaminase antibodies. This stool test can also include dairy, soy, egg plus other grains and meats if needed.

Any of these gluten intolerance tests can be tremendously helpful for patients that are suffering needlessly from gut or any other health challenge. For the many years of my childhood, teenagers years, college years and even going into young adulthood I was troubled by stomach aches, acne breakouts, brain fog and fibromyalgia type pain. I can say because I lived it that once I did a gluten intolerance test and learned I tested positive, I removed gluten from my diet and have been eternally grateful for the doctor that found it. Many of my health challenges improved which helped to improve my overall quality of life!

The people at our clinic understand the need to determine if there is a gluten intolerance, which tests to run and how to help people feel better and stay well!

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