GlutenGrainsUnderstanding Gluten Intolerance Testing and WHY so many people are eating a Gluten Free Diet in Atlanta, Ga.

Gluten Intolerance Testing vs. Celiac Disease (CD)

Gluten is a complex protein structure found in grains like wheat, oat, rye, barley & spelt. It is also found in MSG, hydrolyzed protein & many other food additives and flavorings. The main reason gluten is used so much is its glue-like property. Gluten gives breads their light spongy like structure and helps the bread rise. However, it is this same property which can cause gluten intolerance symptoms to the stomach or intestines along with compromised absorption of nutrients. Symptoms of a gluten allergy or gluten intolerance can be anything! Gluten effects the entire body, not simply the gut.

Celiac Disease always effects the stomach. Symptoms can be constant upset stomach, bloating, loose stools, constipation, poor absorption & more.

The BEST Gluten Intolerance Test,  Atlanta GA
Traditional labs only test for two components of gluten and use only the IgA immune pathway.  Our gluten intolerance test covers NINE components of gluten in the IgA and IgG immune pathway. A true gluten intolerance will not be missed at our clinic.  Our gluten allergy test also covers auto immunity caused by wheat or gluten too. You can actually have an auto immune reaction from gluten against the gut, brain, skin and even the thyroid gland!  Get tested to know for sure if you need a gluten free diet.

Are you afraid you have a Gluten Intolerance in Atlanta GA but you are not sure you can live gluten free? Sure you can!  We will teach you how to enjoy food and eat a gluten free diet! You can even go out to eat gluten free.

Nutritionally Yours  is located in Roswell GA, about 45 minutes north of Atlanta Georgia. People travel from all over the Atlanta area and surrounding states to be seen at our clinic. Schedule your appointment  today and get started learning about gluten intolerance testing and how it may be effecting your health!


“I give Alane Palmer five stars for helping me with my issues.  I had so many issues when I first came in to see Alane I’m sure I overwhelmed her.  From eczema, arthritis, sinus issues, depression, thyroid, body aches and pains, weight issues, eating disorder to candida, etc….  

Through it all, Alane has been there for me 100% and was accessible to me over email and would answer me back within 1 hour.    Alane has helped me to see that I’m gluten intolerant, dairy intolerant and have many food sensitivities.  Alane didn’t just tell me her opinion or what I wanted to hear, but sent me for testing to see what’s going on inside my body.  Alane is all about getting to the root of the matter and I would highly recommend her and have to all of my family and friends.  ”


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