Discover the Secrets of Food Intolerance Weight Gain to Lose Weight Now! 

food intolerance weight gain

Do you want to move out of the STRUGGLE zone and into the SUCCESS zone?

Do you have cravings for sugary snacks, baked breads and muffins?

Do you eat the same foods every day?

Do you have difficulty losing weight and keeping it off?

Do you want a quick, easy, and convenient way to know which foods to eat for optimum weight maintenance?

Experts estimate that up to 80 percent of the population has some form of food intolerance. You may have suspected that certain foods don’t agree with you. What you probably may have never guessed is that these foods could be causing weight gain! We call it Food Intolerance Weight Gain. Your weight problems may be solved permanently, without counting calories, simply by eliminating certain foods from your diet.

Even a healthy food like spinach can be a food intolerance to someone. Your body perceives the food as a poison and limits digestion of nutrients, thus causing the body to store fat. The food is causing inflammation which causes fluid retention and the release of certain hormones that cause weight gain.

As unlikely as it seems, the biggest culprit in weight gain may be an intolerance to the foods you are eating. Even food that is “good” for you – foods that you would never suspect are harming your body.

Food sensitivity is a widespread cause of abnormal food cravings and binging. Not only that, but the pathological reaction caused by these foods can encourage your body to store fat. Eliminating foods, you are sensitive to can help decrease cravings and appetite while your fat-burning metabolism returns to normal.

The Food Allergy / Food Addiction Syndrome Called Food Intolerance Weight Gain

People often crave the very foods they are allergic to. To neutralize the uncomfortable symptoms caused by these problematic foods, your body releases narcotic-like substances called endorphins into your bloodstream. Endorphins trick you into believing the “allergic” food makes you feel good by giving you a “high.” Thus you have become “addicted.”

Eating the same thing every day may not be a good idea.

As a result of a low variety diet, your body must process the same foods (your “favorite” foods) repeatedly. The job of repeatedly processing the same foods taxes your digestive system tremendously, often resulting in suboptimal nutrient absorption. Today’s heavily processed foods use up your digestive enzymes at a tremendous rate, leaving insufficient amounts available to digest and absorb nutrients. You may end up deficient in specific nutrients that are present in the foods you are not eating.

Ultimately, your body becomes sensitive to the foods you eat most frequently. When you continually feed your body with the same foods over and over, it eventually revolts. The modern-day diet of heavily processed foods, combined with the chemical toxins present in today’s environment, allows only partial digestion of your food. Your body recognizes the remaining undigested particles as strange, hostile invaders, and it reacts allergic. You end up with an overworked, underfed allergic reacting digestive process. And now you want to lose weight? Please don’t count on it — your hungry, worried body is holding on to every fat molecule it can.

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