food intolerance testing clinic Atlanta GaBy Alane Stieglitz-Wincek, ND, CNC, Atlanta, Ga

Are your symptoms the result of food intolerance, and do you need food clarity? 

Food Intolerance? Do you feel like you are eating foods causing health symptoms and challenges? Even eating a tiny amount of food you are reacting to can lead to symptoms of food intolerances. One minute you feel terrific, and the next, you do not know what went wrong. When I eat food, I react too, like gluten, a migraine starts to come on, the room begins to spin, and I want to go home. 

food intolerance testing clinic

If you have watched any of my videos on food intolerance, I am sure you know my #1 food intolerance that led to weight gain, bloating, and an upset digestive system. I love making a dish with root vegetables, especially parsnips. They look like white carrots and taste delicious. But after I eat it, I feel and look like I have gained ten pounds. 

There was no way the lab knew about my favorite recipe, so when I got my food intolerance test results back, and parsnips were toxic for me, I giggled and then changed from parsnips to turnips. 

Having celiac disease, I had to determine which other food proteins in grains were causing reactions. I like the PALEO diet but did not want to eat it “religiously” unless I had to. So, I ran food intolerance testing and learned that I DID have to eat PALEO. All of the grains were positive on my test, which meant they led to autoimmune-type symptoms. 

Did you grow up being told you had lactose intolerance? I did too. But in reality, the protein in dairy, called casein, was the problem. 

The food intolerance test that I run in the office tests for 200 food “proteins” + food additives, and we can add a comprehensive gluten test to it. 

I am a firm believer in testing, not guessing. Before I took my son off gluten, I did a test on him. Many people have heard the story of him being allergic to the sun, and when I took out the food proteins involving his immune system, he was fine. 

food intolerance Atlanta Ga

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