food intoleranceBy Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

Food Allergy? Food Sensitivity? Food Intolerance? Do you feel like something you are eating is causing you to have unwanted symptoms? What does it mean to “react” to a food? What happens and why does it happen?

These are all excellent questions. We hear them pretty much every day at Nutritionally Yours. I even started questioning some food I was eating recently and had a funny feeling something I was eating was causing a problem. I thought it was a food intolerance, but I had no idea to which food or foods I was reacting too. I had to find out if I have one (a food intolerance) and what I needed to stop eating to feel better.

So, I did what I tell most of my patients to do………… a food intolerance test and find out for sure if you have one too! Wow, was I surprised! I usually eat healthily but, even healthy foods can be a food intolerance. I have to admit, I love roots! I eat greens, protein, and roots for dinner but rotate the type of food each night. Dinner maybe chicken, green beans or kale and beets or butternut squash.

I looked into trying the keto diet, but I had a sneaky feeling it was not right for me. I tend to gain weight anytime I eat fat.

Surprise, surprise! The foods I were loving were not loving me back! Almost all the root vegetables and all the nuts and seeds tested positive for food intolerance. Carrots were a +3 which is the highest a reaction can be. I had NO idea! I changed my diet, and in a few weeks dropped 6 pounds and am sleeping better.

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