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Food Allergy Testing Will Help Your Diet | Nutritionally YoursWhat is the link between food allergy testing and help with your diet? I can tell you that I have personally experienced this and the results have been remarkable. Being a busy woman and going through the “change” years has not been easy, especially when it comes to weight and diet. I run yearly blood work on myself so I know that my metabolism (thyroid, etc) is working optimally and I eat as healthy as I can. In 2018 I needed help with my diet too. I was eating healthy but the weight would not come off. I considered eating a ketogenic diet but I wanted proof that I could breakdown all that fat and that fat was healthy for me.

My other symptoms leading me to think it was a food allergy issue was: weight gain, bloating after certain meals but not all the time, redness in my face, fatigue after certain meals but not all. I thought I had to be dealing with food allergies and I needed food allergy testing which would help me put together the best diet for me. Everyone is different so one diet is not necessarily going to work for everyone.

I love parsnips! OK, stop laughing. Never heard of a parsnip? It looks like a white carrot. I love cooking sweet potato, parsnips, zucchini, acorn or butternut squash with something green like broccoli and put grass-fed butter on top. But when I make that side dish I feel and look like I gained 10 pounds overnight. What is the issue? And when I eat cashew butter (organic of course) or almond butter I tend to gain weight too. But people doing the keto diet eat good fat and they drop weight, so again, I was confused.

WOW! What answers and help with my diet when I did food allergy testing! I had to stop eating those parsnips I love and nuts were not a friend to me and did not belong in my daily diet.

So I edited my favorite recipe to this: broccoli, butternut squash, orange beets, cauliflower, and instead of butter which has casein in it, I use olive oil. No bloating or weight gain afterward! YAY!

If you are struggling with knowing what foods to eat and you need help with your diet too consider coming in for an appointment and to do food allergy testing with our clinic. I have personally seen and felt the results, not just with myself but with hundreds of patients suffering from all kinds of symptoms. These can range from weight gain, pain, IBS, colitis, inflammation, heart disease, brain fog, fatigue, skin flares, autism & more.

My food allergy test (click here)

Please consider booking an appointment at Nutritionally Yours so we can help you achieve better health and wellness and learn how food allergy testing will help you improve YOUR diet.
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