A food allergy reaction can lead to a wide variety of health challenges. Food allergies can begin at any age! The main food allergies are to dairy, soy, egg, peanut and gluten grains. Research has shown that around 60% of the US population suffers from food reactions that are causing health challenges.


Many people contact our clinic in hope of learning what food allergies or food intolerance they may have. They are confused about food reactions and need answers. We can provide those food answers to YOU!.

Food Allergy / Food Allergy Testing Explained:  IgE is the immune pathway tested to determine if there are immediate reactions to foods called a true food allergy. Only a small amount of people tested actually have true food allergies.

Food Intolerance / Food Intolerance Testing: IgG or IgA are the immune pathways tested to determine if there are delayed reactions to foods called a Food Intolerance or a Food Sensitivity. Most people suffering from food reactions have a“delayed” food intolerance reaction. Food Allergy Reactions can occur hours after a food is eaten, or even the next day. Since there is a delay in the reaction time, you may not realize the symptom is caused by a particular food.

A typical food allergy reaction is a stress response when the wrong food is eaten too often. This “stress” response may appear as emotional issues, autoimmune attacks, brain fog, pain, insomnia, GI issues, immune challenges, inflammation, fatigue, hyperactivity, anxiety, tics, twitches, headaches or even feeling overwhelmed.

  1. During your initial appointment, we will teach you which foods are considered trigger foods and come up regularly on food allergy testing.
  2. During your initial appointment, we can do comprehensive food allergy (IgE) and food intolerance (IgG) testing to provide YOU with the food allergy answers YOU need to clear up any food confusion.

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