Discover how food allergies can cause weight gainBy Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Maria Cummings

YES! Food allergies can cause weight gain! The truth is that food allergies or sensitivities can cause you to gain weight and prevent weight from coming off even if you eat well and exercise! I know that is not sound fair, but it is actually good news.

I want to share a true story with you that I hope will give you hope. I have a friend who recently lost over twenty pounds in very little time and truth be told she was struggling with her weight until that is… she eliminated a few foods. The foods that she was previously consuming (even though they were healthy choices) would not allow her to lose the unwanted weight and they caused her to gain weight. I want to tell you a couple of reasons why this can happen.

IgG food reactions are the foods that cause a delayed food sensitivity reaction. Most people are unaware that they may have food sensitivities because IgG food reactions can take hours and up to days later to have a response. By that time, you most likely have not suspected a particular food to cause the symptoms that have occurred; symptoms could be fluid retention, acne, fatigue, joint pain, headaches, gas, bloating, weight gain and much more!

Another reason for weight gain could be due to a condition called leaky gut. Leaky Gut Syndrome is a gastrointestinal condition where the intestinal lining has become porous allowing toxins to enter the bloodstream. It can prevent nutrients from getting it and nourishing you the way they should.

Both IgG sensitivities and leaky gut are the results of “one underlying problem” that I mentioned earlier which is, drum roll, please… in-flam-mation. Once the inflammation gets triggered, you have other issues that can be the cause of your weight gain. If consuming too many calories is not your issue then you just may have a food allergy! The good news is (and it really is good news) that all you have to do is eliminate the foods that cause inflammation and your weight should come off (as long as your thyroid is working properly). There are two choices for elimination; the first option is: you can do an elimination diet and food journal to figure out which foods are the inflammation culprit (which can take several weeks) or the second choice is you can take our Food Allergy test.

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