best atlanta nutritionistby Alane M. Palmer, ND, CNC

I wish I had a nutritionist to talk to many years ago. It would have saved me from over a decade of food and health struggles! I have written many times that growing up I had irritable bowel syndrome and skin breakouts. It was never mentioned to me that a nutritionist could help. As I became a young woman and started working in the field of nutrition, I was pleasantly overwhelmed with the books and lectures and topics on food and nutrition. I had no idea how the food we ate every day contributed to how we feel on the inside and even how we look on the outside.

I have had many conversations with other nutritionists. My main concern in this field is that a nutritionist should feel that  each person is different.  For instance, I had a discussion over 10 years ago with a nutritionist, and they had shared that every person needed to eat a certain amount of bread, protein, fat, and sugars each day. But what they did not say is that one grain, like wheat, was okay for one person but may not be okay for another. So the bread they were teaching their clients to eat was the same type of bread for everyone. That put up a red flag for me. My neighbor may love Ezekiel bread, and they may feel great with it and my best friend may love Sour Dough bread, and it may be okay for them,  but if I ate either one of those, watch out I will not feel well at all.  And grains are not the only thing important is a persons daily diet, so are proteins. But again, is the amount of protein alright for everyone? I do not think so. I may be fine eating 4oz of chicken with dinner but someone else may be intolerant to chicken and may need their diet to focus more on fish, turkey or beef.

When you are ready to search for a nutritionist, please find one that is not trained that everyone needs to eat the same. Make sure the person you see listens well to your health journey and your goals and when you list a symptom that is bothering you they make note of it. You are unique and wonderfully created.

As a holistic minded nutritionist I have over 20 years of experience in the field of health and wellness. I thoroughly enjoy listening to every one of my clients explain to me their wishes and their struggles in health too. I can run food allergy and intolerance testing on you so YOU can learn more about YOU and how you were created to eat. YOU uniquely, YOU! My tests check for proteins, nuts, beans, veggies, fruits, additives and more. You can learn which foods are safe for YOU.

Please consider seeing me if you are looking for a a nutritionist in Atlanta. I care about every person that walks through the doors to my clinic. I hope to meet you and help you too!

Have nutritionist or food questions? My staff is ready to assist you, just give them a call! They too understand the importance of healthy eating.

At Nutritionally Yours we would love to work with you to get you back to being the best you EVER!

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