Autoimmune DiseaseBy Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Maria Cummings

Having a history of autoimmunity in the family can raise up some concerns for your health and rightly so. When the body’s immune system chronically starts to attack itself because it believes that it is being invaded by something foreign is when you have what is called an autoimmune disease. There are over eighty different types of autoimmune illnesses. People who have autoimmunity in their families have a higher chance of having autoimmunity although it can be a different kind or a different attack for each individual. For example, if a mother has lupus, the child does not necessarily have to end up with lupus but could end up with Celiac, Rheumatoid Arthritis, or Hashimotos, or something else completely different than mom. For some reason, there is a higher chance in women than men when it comes to autoimmunity.

Is there anything you can do when there is autoimmunity in the family? Yes, there is plenty to do! Learn as much as you can about the members of your family who have an autoimmunity disease; family history is vital when it comes to health. Learn as much as you can about their warning signs and common symptoms that way you will be better prepared if you notice yourself having any of the same symptoms. I really wish that I had paid more attention in my twenties to my mother’s struggles with hypothyroidism, but I did not know much about her symptoms nor did I have an inkling that it could affect me. In today’s times, we have access to so much information, do your research: you will be glad that you did! Another step is to journal any symptoms or signs that you experience because this could be a wealth of information to share with your holistic minded practitioner.

By understanding your risk to autoimmunity, compiling a family history of autoimmune disease, researching autoimmune diseases, keeping track of your symptoms, and keeping yourself healthy, you will be ahead of the game. When you do your research, you will also discover how much your food has to do with how you are affected with autoimmunity. You can also take another step that I think is imperative; that is to have an Autoimmune Tissue Test done. This test will expose the tissues in your body that are presently under attack, or that may be under attack in the future! You may not be able to avoid having an autoimmune disease, but you CAN reduce triggers and health challenges with what you learn. You have to take control of your health as much as you can so that your health can take care of you! Just because autoimmune disease runs in the family doesn’t mean that it has to run everything!

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